Das erste eigene Fotostudio

The first own photo studio

Having your own photo studio is firmly linked to the image of the professional photographer. In fact, many whose hobby is photography wish to have their first studio. However, this is also associated with concerns about high costs and the question of what is actually needed for the personal studio.

Your own photo studio is firmly attached to the image of the professional photographer tied together. In fact, many whose hobby is photography desire one first own studio . However, this is also associated with concerns about high costs and the question of what is actually needed for the personal studio.

The advantages of the photo studio

If you have your own photo studio permanently at your disposal, this results in a number of advantages . So it acts like storage place for the numerous devices and utensils that are needed for photography and it also contributes to the professional image of the photographer.backgrounds, light stands andlight shaper do not have to be laboriously set up first, but have their own permanent place in the studio .

In contrast to the photography on location, the conditions in the studio always the same. The preparation for a shooting is much better and the desired results can be achieved based on the collected experiences much faster achieve.

The exposure and the correct placement of lights are clearly relieved, since there is no tedious adjustment to the ambient light and the structure can be set up before a portrait or a product shoot extensively tested can be.

Equipment fürs Fotostudio

What things have to be considered for the first own photo studio?

Next to the light stands ,background systems, Flash , steady lights orlight shapers your own studio depends on a number of other things that you have to pay attention to. Of course, the decision to set up your own studio for your work, depending on the previous equipment, often involves an initial investment in it right equipment tied together. In addition to these, however, there are additional monthly costs, after all, electricity and heating costs, repair costs and possibly the rent have to be paid if you don't have to enough space in his own four walls have available to be settled.

photographers who don't have their own studio yet are better off starting on a smaller scale, which means something like that first studio set up in an existing room in the house or apartment. Of course, it is also possible to share a studio with colleagues. Especially in larger cities, studios offer a job for a monthly payment, which often Shared use of the studio allows.

Which premises are suitable for your own studio?

The photographer's own permanent workplace should not limit his creativity. This means that a room should have certain dimensions in order to be undisturbed larger light shapers , several reflectors or larger groups of people to be able to work. The room should be at least three meters high, the higher the better, five meters wide and at least six meters long in order to work easily with telephoto lenses. Furthermore it needs sufficient sockets and at best the possibility of heating during the winter months.

Equipment für das Fotostudio

Which equipment is the right one for the photo studio?

The question of the facility is of course always based on the kind of photography , which one pursues. Anyone who mainly creates business portraits relies on different tools than the food or macro photographer. It is important to know that the setup and equipment in the first studio does not have to be particularly expensive, because with just one studio flash or one steady light , one reflector , a variablebackground system and matching light stands can be professional results achieve.

It is important to rely on reliable and reliable technology to put. Many photo enthusiasts stock up the studio as soon as a technique is mastered. So it pays off to rely on well-known quality and durable products to put. If the required investment initially appears to be too large, it is advisable to get creative with the equipment you have to deal with A reflector, properly positioned, can easily replace a fill light to start with, and with a single softbox, pretty much does with practice create any lighting mood .

The conclusion to your own studio

It doesn't have to be expensive to have the potential own photography to take it to the next level. Nevertheless, the first own photographic studio should be planned carefully, after all it is one investment in the future and into the own talents . Once a suitable room has been found, a list of the monthly costs must be made, after all, that should be the case Studio as a figurehead and fixed workplace of the professional to save time and to better pictures contribute.

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