Die Low-Key-Food-Fotografie

The low-key food photography

A good picture created by the good interplay of dark and light areas . How the shadows are distributed compared to the highs in an image determines the effect the photograph has. Food photography is often about consciously focusing on small details.
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A good picturearises from the good interaction from dark and light areas. As the depths compared to the heights distributed in a picture decides what effect the photograph will have. In the food photography It is often about deliberately directing the focus to small details. High contrast images , as they often do in the low key photography arise, are excellently suited for this purpose, after all, the eye of the beholder is used to that light to follow .

What exactly is low-key photography??

The low key photography stands for soft light , soft highs and deep shadows. Automatically, images created using this technique evoke a rustic and warm feel. The dark parts of the image predominate, but the motive, in this case the food, which is to be put in the right light, stands out significantly different .

In recent years, terms such as „moody“ or „chiaroscuro“ used to describe the effects of this particular technique. The Italian technical term from art history, which makes light the essential element of pictorial language and can be traced back to the painter Caravaggio, shows why that is Play with light and shadow be able to.


Which dishes are particularly suitable for low-key food photography?

The spring-like berry cake with beautiful decorations that slowly disappears in a sea of dark shadows sounds bizarre and a bit inappropriate. In fact, the food for this should type of photography be chosen consciously. As already described, the dark composition creates a rustic effect , which goes particularly well with meat dishes, burgers, red wine, dark sauces and earth tones. As background or underground Dark colors are also suitable, as can be found in some types of wood. On the one hand, these make it easier to control the required depths in the image and, on the other hand, they fit structure and grain perfect for the mood of the picture. Shades of gray, such as those found in fair-faced concrete, are also conceivable.

What to avoid in low-key food photography

A photograph created using the method presented here is much more than just a dark image. Shorter shutter speeds and deliberately underexposed images are not enough. Beginners in particular should familiarize themselves with the one described below light setup keep reminding us that it's not just about creating depth. Rather, the focus must be on lie in the contrasts , its the picture give expression and the Subjects in focus move.


Low-key in food photography with this light it works!!

It has already been clearly emphasized that light plays a major role in the style of food photography. It doesn't mean anything other than that used light in any case conscious shaped must become. Working with natural light is hardly possible in this case, since light from windows, for example, usually does not have the right angle of incidence and with the necessary concentration of the light can serve.

Unlike other photographic techniques uses himself low key when lighting one single light source , after all, it's more about keeping the light on specific to reduce jobs than to illuminate the scene as extensively as possible. The light source used, such as a steady light or a studio flash with a small softbox or a translucent umbrella, come either as Backlight or as a side light , both slightly increased. As soon as the Illumination of the main subject correct, the excess light must be captured in a second step. Shades such as the black sides of are suitable for thisn reflectors , black cardboard or foam board.


For recording, the cover of the lens should not be closed too far, because blurring would unnecessarily double the effect. So, nevertheless, with a low ISO value can be worked, the Use of a tripod . Furthermore, the possibilities of exposure correction on the camera and the digital post-processing as essential.

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