Die High-Key-Food-Fotografie

The high-key food photography

The task of the food photographer is to put food and dishes of all kinds in the right light. In the last post, low-key food photography was presented in more detail. A technique with contrasting image effects, high-key food photography, has proved to be just as popular in recent years.

Just the sight of some dishes and delicacies makes hearts beat faster. It is not for nothing that the proverb says that the eye always eats with you.
The task of food photographers is to prepare food and dishes of all kinds to turn light . In the last post, the Low key food photography presented in more detail. Using a technique that has proved just as popular in recent years opposite visual effect , the High key food photography , turned out. The light plays a crucial role in this technique because it immerses the scene in you velvety, light veil , which is ideal for highlighting the special features of food.

What exactly is high-key?

Images created using the high-key technique have been recorded appear airy and light. In theory, the look is fairly easy to recreate, but getting a really concise expression into the scene takes some practice and the right tools.

Jinbei High Key Foodfotografie

With high-key, as the name of the technique already suggests, that dominates key and so that main light the scene. The shade the photographers have to be in the foreground and background as much as possible eliminate . There are also different ones reflectors are used that direct the light from the light source in such a way that the subject becomes high contrast and mostly to most colorful element of the image composition. The game and dealing with the shadows poses the greatest challenge in this one Type of food photography dar. While the majority of Viewing area of uniform, shadow-free and light tones, the motifs, mostly the dishes served, are very well on Depths, i.e. shadows , reliant. However, these must be in the right proportion to the overall impression of the picture so that the contrast appears natural and not the bright and airy overall impression of the picture disturbs.

Common mistakes in high-key food photography

In food photography with the high-key technique there are mainly two sources of error: On the one hand, incorrect exposure and on the other hand the incorrect white balance . Especially for beginners, it often happens that the camera overexposes certain parts of the image in such a way that they literally eat up, which means that there are no exposures in these areas processable information more are included. In such a case, even with modern software in digital post-processing, the image can no longer be saved. If an image is printed with such overexposed areas, the printer will not put any ink on the paper there. Photographers often have to slowly adapt to the get the correct exposure and if the exposure range of your own camera is not sufficient, the image composition must be adjusted accordingly.

Jinbei High-Key-Foodfotografie

Next to it is the white balance not an easy undertaking with bright images in which pure white plays a major role. Although the automatic white balance with the most cameras excellent now, but given the strong light, reflective highlights, and sharp color contrasts, this one can be wrong. The best is the Manual white balance set, because nothing is more annoying than a yellow or blue color cast in the beautifully composed images.

The preparations and the lighting setup

As a light source, which should be as large as possible, are suitable flashes orsteady lights with a soft box . The key light is either located behind the food or is attached slightly raised to the side. In order for the desired effect and the white balance to work, decoration and design should also be used exclusively light tones to be used. A pure white background makes it easier for beginners to get started High key photography .

To fill all the shadows in the picture so many can reflectors be used as necessary. The more Focused light on the scene can be, the the effect is stronger on the final shot. In addition, the size of the light source decisivethe larger this is, the softer the shadows and their edges are.

Jinbei High-Key-Foodfotografie

The image processing

In the digital post-processing it is possible to reduce the contrasts, bring out the blacks and shadows and adjust the white balance and colors accordingly. Exposure and highlights can also be adjusted again if needed. But here, too, the more precise the taking the picture is worked, the more saves time one in follow-up in post-processing.

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