Kreative Fotos bei Regen

Creative photos in the rain

On rainy days, it is understandable that time is preferred to be spent indoors, in the warm and dry. But those who actually dare to go outside and use the rain as a creative stylistic device open up an interesting playing field full of imaginative possibilities. The best ideas for creative photos in the rain are presented below.

On rainy days, it is understandable that time is preferred to be spent indoors, in the warm and dry. But who actually dares to go outside and the Rain as creative stylistic device uses, which opens up an interesting playing field full of imaginative possibilities. The following are the best ideas featured for creative photos in the rain.

The window pane with raindrops

It is the absolute classic when it comes to photography on rainy days: The windowpane , on which thick, slowly falling raindrops create a special, somewhat melancholic effect. The pictures are particularly beautiful when you take pictures inside from the gray and cold outside. It can both on the Drops are focused , as well as the rooms behind it, making for a blurry and somewhat dreamy look. Portraits created in this way are also particularly popular. They can express a season, a person's character, or melancholy and thoughtfulness well.

Fotos im Regen

Play with different exposure times

Flowing water through a short exposure time to freeze or by means of a long exposure putting the focus on the movement - this is popular with bodies of water of all kinds and especially with waterfalls. The falling rain also lends itself to be captured with different exposure times. With long exposures, the rain becomes a kind of veil and objects hit by the drops develop a blur in the photo amazing dynamics .

Let out the inner child

Who didn't like to jump in puddles in the past and didn't worry about whether their own clothes got wet or dirty? Even in adulthood, there are opportunities puddles at, um some action in rainy days bring to. With an open aperture and a short exposure time, unforgettable and fun moments can be captured. If the weather is too gray and cloudy, a flash can be used that can capture even the smallest splash of water.

Fotos im Regen

Working creatively with reflections

Water surfaces of all kinds, including puddles, are ideal as mirrors. While it's still raining, the falling drops cloud the picture, creating a natural distortion . Once the rain stops and any wind that may occur, the reflection becomes clear, allowing the photographer to create images that open up another creative dimension.

Kreative Fotos im Regen

Portraits in the rain

Whether you like it or not, there is always something symbolic about the rain. So he can consciously contribute as a stylistic device portraits be used. A model with a raincoat, a child enjoying the warm rain, a couple seeking shelter under a tree - the possibilities are truly endless and often result from the location chosen for the shoot..

For your own creative expression something to reinforce comes inlightning for use. This can be used classically as the main light to separate the model from the usually darker background, but also as a creative element, for example by being hidden behind a person to create impressive silhouettes. Again, it makes sense to do this consciously different apertures , exposure times and the flash strength to play.

Focus on the small details

The rain changes that Landscape , the Mood and also affects the smallest elements out of. It is all the more exciting to look at the macro photography to address the subject of rain. Tiny reflections on individual raindrops suddenly become visible, surfaces change their character and photographs are taken that photographers usually miss when the weather is beautiful.

Sometimes details tell a story Story , which contains more than the landscape photo with a wide angle lens has been recorded.

Fotos im Regen

What remains after the rain

If you don't like the rain or are concerned about the well-being of your camera, you can wait for the time after the rain. The light situation then mostly gets better and the drops on plants or on panes, as well as the puddles are still there to try out the previously presented techniques on them.

A summary of photography in the rain

To venture into uncomfortable situations to be there own image style Finding that has always been a way to create your own imagery and a individual style to develop. If you only go outside when the weather is nice and use an excuse, you are probably missing out on one or the other excellent opportunity to take pictures that stand out from the rest.

Anyone aware of the rain creative uses and the diversity is aware of what the bad weather has to offer, they may think differently about supposedly bad weather from now on and are already looking forward to the next rain. creativity means making the best of a situation and the rain is ideal for this .

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