Motive fürs Fotografieren mit Fernauslöser

Motives for photographing with a remote release

Most photographers have probably played around with a remote camera release without realizing all the creative possibilities of this special tool. It is the remote release that makes a picture possible in some situations. This article is about showing some of the photographic possibilities with the remote release so that one or the other can use them as inspiration for their own photography.
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With a Remote shutter release Most photographers have probably played around with the camera without being fully aware of all the creative possibilities of this special tool. The remote shutter release is what makes recording possible in some situations. This article is about some of the photographic possibilities with the remote shutter release so that some people can use them as inspiration for their own photography.

Group photos with the remote shutter release

The Selfie now defines an entire generation of technology users. The selfie is usually taken with a smartphone, but this often results in strange image angles and severely distorted proportions, which are the result of the built-in wide-angle lens. See this with a digital camera Selfie and the group photo Of course it looks much better and here comes it Remote shutter release in the game. Especially in connection with this Self-timer, which delays the shot by a few seconds, a member of the group can compose the image and stow the remote shutter release in a bag or behind them in time so that it does not appear in the image. This technique is now particularly popular at weddings, where guests have the opportunity to present themselves without having to hire a separate photographer.

The remote shutter release when photographing landscapes

The Landscape photography is a discipline in which it depends on Precision and sharpness arrives. This means that in most cases with a tripod and with a small aperture for maximum depth of field is being worked on. In order to avoid unnecessary camera shake in such a situation, which often occurs when pressing the shutter button, it is best to get one remote shutter release to use.

Fotografieren mit Fernauslöser

A valuable addition to long-term photography

Avoiding any vibrations that result in blurry images is important Long exposures in some ways even more important than with landscape photography. Since long exposures are usually done at night or with strong darkening ND filters To be made, it must be ensured that nothing causes the camera or tripod to move during the exposure time, which often lasts several minutes or even hours. For the Opening and closing the shutter The camera therefore offers the use of one remote shutter release at.

Become part of the landscape yourself

Individual tourism and the associated blogging, streaming and photographic recording of the trip are currently booming. Anyone who has always asked themselves the question of how photographers manage to capture themselves skillfully despite traveling alone to place image, he finds the answer in the remote release. Come preferentially Radio trigger used because they are not wired and therefore a greater distance than the wired shutter release can overcome. Not only in classic landscape photography, but also in Night and astrophotography It is becoming increasingly common for photographers to position themselves in the picture and thereby give the viewer a better view using human elements Idea of ​​dimensions can give.

Fotografieren mit Fernauslöser

One of the classic disciplines is self-portraitt

It is clear that there is a difference between the two Selfie and the self-portrait to distinguish. While the selfie is just a fleeting snapshot that is usually used to share the location, outfit or make-up with friends on social media, the self-portrait is its own artistic discipline. The self-portrait is even as old as photography itself and is still one of the most exciting variants in the vast photographic landscape.

In a self-portrait, every element, no matter how small, that can be seen in the later picture is carefully selected. It's not just because of that Self-portrait an autobiographical work from a twofold perspective. The photographer is at the same time author, but also Subject of the picture. To master an image where you point the camera at yourself, it is necessary to have one Remote shutter release to use. While in older self-portraits the cable of the now antiquated wired shutter button often still protrudes into the picture, today practical radio remote shutter releases are used that are able to do this creative possibilities to be expanded significantly again.

The Remote shutter release is an inexpensive but surprisingly versatile and practical equipment, which doesn't take up much space and is your own because of its range of functions creativity inspired.

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