Tipps für besinnliche Fotos vom Weihnachtsfest

Tips for contemplative photos of Christmas

Christmas is the quiet and contemplative time when special moments matter. The loved ones find each other at home, maybe after months without seeing each other, and every moment is special.

Christmas, that is the silent and contemplative time , in which the special moments matter. The loved ones find each other at home, maybe after months without seeing each other, and every moment is special.

Of course, exactly these moments should be immortalized photographically, after all, every Christmas is special in its own way and many of the moments are unique and become important memories for the family. Precisely because of the importance of the moments, it would be a shame if the photos simply didn't turn out well or didn't end up looking the way you had actually imagined. The following tips for perfect Christmas photos are aimed at both amateurs and experienced photographers who want to try something new at Christmas time.

Stimmungsvolle Weihnachtsfotos

Portraits and still lifes with a tripod

The tip that necessarily from a tripod should be photographed from can actually be found in every guide. The reason is, quite simply, that this tip is among the best recommended for photographers and always works. Unfortunately, this important advice is still not taken to heart often enough, which is why the attempt should definitely be made at the next Christmas celebration. The composing the image , the reaction of the photographed family members and friends much is easier with the tripod and even if it should take a little longer and fewer pictures can be taken due to the additional effort, it is guaranteed that these pictures are very likely sharper are than those that were quickly photographed from the hand. In addition, a tripod in combination with the self-timer or a remote trigger  also great group photos create.

The glow of lights at Christmas

The Christmas lights create a warm and festive mood, but also a dreamy one beautiful reflections in the balls of the Christmas tree or in the Eyes of the family members portrayed. The pleasantly warm and wintry mood only stays in the photographs if no flash is used. The mixed light would ensure razor-sharp images, but also contribute to the unique mood lighting get lost.

Stimmungsvolle Weihnachtsfotos

The Christmas tree is the center of the actions

The Christian or Christmas tree at the heart of the whole festival. The tree can play a leading role in the images that are created for Christmas, after all there are changes compared to previous years, and it is also the symbol par excellence for the festival of love. The Christmas tree with its numerous lights is the perfect background for portraits , especially when with open aperture is photographed and the people in front of the tree are released due to the shallow depth of field.

It is also important to record the details of the tree. What is reflected in the spheres, are there special, new ornaments, how do pets react to the tree, if they live in the household? Photographers who ask themselves such questions come up automatically new ideas when it comes to skilfully photographing the Christmas tree.

Immortalize unique moments as close as possiblen

Of course, most people think of Christmas group photos . Of course, these play an important role, but should only make up part of the images, after all, when they are later shown on a screen or in a photo album, they quickly become boring. It is better to get close to the people and things to be photographed. That should not usually be a problem, after all, the people and the premises are usually very familiar. The crops may therefore be chosen somewhat narrower at Christmas. In general, the pictures look exciting when there are as many differences as possible in terms of distance. This means that after the feast there will be pictures of the smallest details , but also from the snowy landscape outside.

Stimmungsvolle Weihnachtsfotos

Technical details at Christmas

At Christmas, photographers have to make sure that the ISO value of the camera, does not shoot up too much, which can happen quickly in dark rooms. During the white balance is best left to the camera, the ISO value should be limited so that the exposure time is still for sharp images worried, but Image noise avoided becomes. Here comes that again tripod comes into play, which guarantees that no camera shake will ruin the image, even with longer exposure times.

The most important tip at the end: always have the camera ready

Christmas is about them fleeting moments that make the festival so special. Sometimes there are only a few seconds or a brief moment to capture a scene, which is why it is important to always have the camera with your ready to use and at hand to have and good memories create for the years to come.

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