Tipps für Fotos bei Nacht

Tips for night photos

Photos taken at night have an amazing effect. However, this is only the case if they are correctly exposed and if photographers pay attention to one or the other rule that only applies to photography at night. It really doesn't take that much to get razor-sharp images and exciting compositions at night. At the beginning it is enough to heed some of the following tips.

Photos taken at night unfold a amazing effect . However, this is only the case if these correctly exposed and when photographers observe one or the other rule that only applies when taking pictures at night. Around razor-sharp images and exciting compositions it doesn't actually take that much to get it at night. At the beginning it is enough to heed some of the following tips.

The tripod is the indispensable helper for recordings at nightt

A particularly important tip is that a tripod should definitely be part of every photographer's kit. It becomes indispensable at night, because at exposure times handheld for several seconds or even a few minutes, the images would be guaranteed to be blurry and in most cases unusable.

Fotos bei Nacht

The remote trigger practical helper for long exposuresn

While the tripod is actually essential, one presents itselfwireless remote shutter release rather than an additional practical helper. The remote shutter release is used if any Camera shake should be avoided when triggered. Of course, the self-timer can also be used, but when the precise moment is important or when working in bulb mode, this is it wireless remote shutter release irreplaceable.

Avoiding image noise a low ISO value makes it possibleh

Especially when taking pictures at night, when numerous dark spots in the picture are unavoidable, image noise quickly occurs when the ISO value the camera is set too high. So the best thing is not to leave the field to the camera's automatic system, but to determine for yourself which ISO value the camera works with. When taking pictures at night, the camera is often even set to the lowest value, so photos with long exposure times in connection with the tripod are not only razor sharp , but point beyond no image noise on.

The right time for impressive shots

The night can't come with me absolute darkness be equated. Even if the subtle differences in the night sky are barely visible to the naked eye, they do exist. The lighting mood changes significantly, especially in the hours and minutes after sunset or just before sunrise. This is particularly noticeable during the so-called blue hour . The sun has already set and buildings, streets, shops and the like are already illuminated by artificial light. Nevertheless, the sky continues to shine in a deep, slowly darkening blue. The time of the night recording so influenced in a big way measure the overall effect of the picture.

Fotos bei Nacht

Capturing natural phenomena

Things often happen in the night sky that are hidden from the eyes during the day. Lightning during a thunderstorm or sheet lightning in the distance provide amazing pictures , especially when this is in connection with the skyline of a city, a mountain range or another scenic feature be caught.
Unfortunately, there is no rule as to how lightning can best be photographed, but in principle it can be done best results from the tripod, in conjunction with the bulb mode of the camera and awireless remote shutter release achieve. The perfect exposure time must be approached by trying it out several times.

Creative tips for powerful shots

At night, many basic photographic rules are allowed to be aware interpreted creatively become. This particularly applies to Camera point of view . Due to the unavoidable clear contrasts at night, there is even more than during the day composition at. That's how they're allowed to at night horizons deliberately set lower, for example to emphasize a skyline more clearly. At the same time, a scene that is not worth photographing during the day can suddenly seem exciting at night due to the lights that appear. This is mainly at long exposures , in which a movement is captured by means of the lights, the fall. Traces of light left behind by cars or by passers-by can once again only be captured with a tripod and ideally in bulb mode in conjunction with a remote shutter release.

Fotos bei Nacht

Experimentation is expressly permitted

They bring good photos at night creative vision the photographer to express. At night, when artificial light dominates, it is even more important composition and the own ideas at. From a deep angle, with long exposure times or even HDR shots – a lot is allowed at night and the best results can usually be achieved by simply trying and experimenting. So the best thing is to go with it camera and tripod and possibly oneremote trigger to go.

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