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Eye autofocus tips

The eyes are the gateway to the soul. This also applies to portraits. It is all the more exciting that most camera manufacturers now offer eye autofocus on their cameras. This is a focus aid that helps ensure that the sharpest point of the image is always exactly on the eyes.

The eyes are the gateway to the soul. This also applies to portraits . It is all the more exciting that most camera manufacturers now have one for their cameras Eye Auto Focus offer. This is a focus aid that helps ensure that the sharpest point of the image is always exactly on the eyes.

Especially with special bright lenses , i.e. those that have a particularly large initial aperture, it is often difficult to focus precisely on the desired point despite the autofocus. This is especially the case for portraits Eye Auto Focus in the game. This is mostly at the faces focus coupled, but focuses a little more precisely compared to this.

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The advantages of eye autofocus

As mentioned earlier, with certain lenses it's harder than others to get the exact ones focus to find. Nothing is more disappointing than realizing after a shoot that most images are out of focus by a few millimeters. Without eye focus, it happens relatively quickly that the camera's autofocus focuses on the tip of the nose, the cheeks, the eyebrows, or, with particularly bright lenses, on the eyelashes. If the focus is not correct, the picture may be suitable as a thumbnail or as a small profile picture, but as soon as the photo is on a bigger screen is to be shown or printed, it is usually unusable.

Many professional photographers rave about it Eye Auto Focus , because it allows them to fully focus on the people in front of the camera. In the days before eye autofocus, you had to check again and again whether the focus was really right. Today the camera confirms, either through a small green box in the viewfinder or by a beep that the subject's eyes are in focus. The composition of the picture thus moves much more into focus, while technical aspects recede into the background.

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Activate eye autofocus

The Eye Auto Focus is not activated automatically, after all, most users do not want the camera to automatically focus on the eyes of all passers-by, for example when on vacation or when taking street photos. As a rule, the eye autofocus can be found relatively quickly in the camera menu. If the eye autofocus is greyed out, in most cases this is related to the activated type of autofocus. Here it is worth taking a look at the instructions for the camera, because especially with spontaneous ones portrait shoots It doesn't hurt to have the necessary settings ready immediately. It is often even possible to assign certain settings, such as eye autofocus, to a specific button on the camera. So if it is needed, one is enough single button for activation to operate.

Which eye and which person to target?

The modern eye autofocus of current cameras does a lot for you, but every photographer should deal with the details carefully. There is often an option in the camera menus that allows you to always target one eye, either the left or the right. However, this setting is only advisable in special cases, because the shooting situations change quickly. In the meantime, the eye autofocus takes away the search for the ideal eye. Almost every eye and every face is recognized. Of course, this occasionally leads to problems, after all, it often happens that there are several people in one picture or that with one Shooting on location someone jumps through the composition. In this case, the camera offers the possibility to choose between several faces and eyes. Once this has happened, the camera will remember this eye or that in the futures face of a person and will always focus on it from now on.

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To ensure focus is always in place, even when images are in faster order be made, should definitely the Focus tracking enabled become. This means that the camera always maintains focus between the individual images, which is essential faster focusing permitted.

Be sure to try it!

Anyone with a camera Eye Auto Focus If you have one, you should definitely try it out. It is a powerful tool that, if used correctly, significantly reduces the waste of images. Just at portraits shows this Supplement to autofocus all their strengths.

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