Nebel-Landschaften eindrucksvoll fotografieren

Photograph foggy landscapes impressively

Fog is a symbol for the mysterious, the hidden, autumn or early morning. In a photo, the fog changes the whole message, it gives landscapes a certain heaviness and is often even the main element of a composition. Photographing and exposing the fog correctly - that has to be learned and photographers can find out how to do it right here.
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Fog is a symbol of that mysterious , the hidden , autumn or even the early morning. In a photo the Fog the whole statement, he gives landscapes a certain heaviness and is often even the main element of one image composition . Photographing and exposing the fog correctly has to be learned and photographers can find out how to do it right here..

What is fog anyway?

Fog usually occurs where there is a lot of water, i.e. near streams, over lakes or in dense forests. It is nothing other than finest water droplets , which are the result of the condensing water. As soon as the temperature changes, for example in the morning when the early rays of the sun warm up the meadow, fog develops. In the evening, as it cools, fog reappears and settles as dew on the leaves and grass. Anyone who is photographing directly in the dense fog stops, who has to make sure that the front lens of the lens not too fast fogs up .

Nebel-Fotografie von Landschaften

Early risers have the best chance of photographing the fog after clear nights, especially in spring and fall. Of course, there is also the possibility in the evening, provided the temperatures are right, to capture the fog photographically. But through the setting sun then usually a race against time begins.

The tripod: essential equipment

In the early morning or in the evening hours there is usually not enough light to razor-sharp images to make out of hand. In addition, it is always advisable to use one whenever possible low ISO value to photograph to image noise to prevent. In unfavorable lighting conditions, this is only possible if the Exposure time extended becomes. In addition, there is usually one in landscape photography small aperture used, which also contributes to a longer exposure time. The indispensable solution in this case is a stable tripod . Such supports not only in the blur-free recording, but also in the composition.

Make room for the fog

The fog stands out from the rest of the picture because of its brightness away. This makes it relatively easy to increase or decrease the effect of fog in a landscape. Because the fog to the bright parts of the image , which is one of the highlights, is most affected by the effects of overexposure. Usually one is enough Overexposure by one stop off to make the fog appear a little denser in the image than it actually is. Of course, this trick also works if the effect of the fog should be reduced somewhat. A little underexposure will flatten the highlights and make the dark and mid-tones stand out more. If you are not sure how the fog works best when taking the picture, you can small bracketing record and at the later digital post-processing decide which image captured the fog best.

Nebel-Fotografie von Landschaften

Finding focus in the fog

Even the most modern camera has its problems in dense fog focus to be found immediately. That's why it's best to always have one high-contrast object , such as a rock or a tree, into the composition. If no suitable object can be found, photographers should rely on their eyes and manually , possibly by means of the screen, focus .


Hardly anything in landscape photography creates such a difference atmospheric mood like the fog. To capture the best scenes, however, it takes something planning and the right one equipment . If you then add a bit of practice, it will work out atmospheric fog photography certainly.