Makrofotografie für Einsteiger

Macro photography for beginners

In most cases, macro shots are those in which the layman, but also the experienced photographer, occasionally asks the question how such a thing is actually possible. Doesn't this require special and expensive equipment or lengthy training? However, beginners who want to get to grips with this fascinating sub-discipline need not fear anything; in most cases, getting started is quicker and easier than expected.

Macro photography belongs to the most fascinating subject areas , the the photography has to offer. Things that are otherwise hidden from the eye are suddenly huge and convince with one unbelievable level of detail .

Mostly it is about macro shots those in which the layman, but also the experienced photographer, occasionally asks how such a thing is actually possible. If this does not require special and expensive equipment or lengthy training, beginners who want to get to grips with this fascinating sub-discipline need not fear anything, in most cases it is easier and faster to get started than expected. Maybe one or the other already has them appropriate equipment at home without knowing it.

Makrofotografie für Einsteiger

What equipment is used in macro photography?

The equipment does not always play an important role in photography, but it still has a special place in macro photography. Anyone who has ever tried to get as close as possible to a small object with their camera and lens has very likely found that the image is no longer sharp because the object is outside the frame so-called close-up limit located.

Nevertheless, almost anything can be used as a camera for macro photography. It is already possible today to take good pictures with a smartphone or most compact cameras. Such devices are of course always preferable to camera systems with an interchangeable lens. The reason for this is that the used Lens the main role in macro photography. In the best case one comes macro lens for use, which is characterized by its high imaging performance and his low close-up limit excellent. Macro lenses are specially marked and have a specific constellation of lens elements, which on the one hand is the already mentioned Reduce the close-up limit significantly and also for one strong magnification care for.

If you don't want to invest money in a new lens right away, you can approach the subject of macro photography using two different tools: the conversion lenses and macro extension rings . Both variants reduce the close-up limit of a conventional lens, but the use of such aids is at the expense of image quality and light intensity.

Indispensable for razor-sharp images: the tripod

The equipment of a macro photographer naturally includes other objects. One is particularly useful tripod . Such a lens allows you to work with a relatively small aperture, low ISO value and at the same time a longer exposure time. A small aperture, around f8.0 or more, is necessary to achieve a sufficient depth of field to reach. The low ISO value is desired because this image noise and effectively avoids wrong colors .

To find the perfect one in the studio, but also in nature picture look to create, more and more macro photographers are using artificial light. With moving objects offerstudio flashes or butclip-on flashes at. are also popular steady lights . Handy LEDs and devices with battery operation are ideal for achieving the desired look in a macro shot.

Makrofotografie für Einsteiger

To the details and plasticity of an insect or a flower in the picture, the light must be used in such a way that the cast shadow accomplished this task.However, care should be taken, especially when photographing animalsto work without bright sources of artificial light if possible. Of course, with digital macro photography, the subsequent post processing an important element, but due to the richness of detail, it is crucial that the recordings made already largely correspond to your own ideas.

The focus in macro photography

Since macro photography is mostly about a fraction of a millimeter, the manual focus to autofocus preferable. Especially when the focus area is to be set to a specific point, you usually cannot rely on the autofocus.

In addition to the autofocus, the image stabilization of the camera and lens are disabled if they have such a function and a tripod is used while taking pictures. However, mechanical or digital image stabilization are strong helpers for handheld photography.

If you want to devote yourself to digital post-processing after taking the photo, the best thing to do is try the method of focus stacking . Here, the focus is shifted manually or automatically by tiny distances, so that when you later combine them into one enabled software a consistently sharp image is produced.

What mistakes often happen?

Among the most common rookie mistakes include using too large an f-number, blindly relying on the autofocus, or thelack of attention to light in composition. Many mistakes also happen because a stable tripod is not used.

Makrofotografie für Einsteiger

The most beautiful subjects for macro photography

In the macro photography it is about presenting the ordinary in a completely different and unusual way. Drops of water captured by lightning, a fly on the table, the inside of a flower or the fine details of a coin. For beginners in particular, this means there is a chance that they will controlled conditions can practice at home. Everyday objects, such as game figures or clock faces, are ideal for the first attempts. If you go outside later, give them Nature practically endless motives .

A conclusion on macro photography

The learning process is actually the quickest way to master macro photography by simply trying it out. Since practically everything as subject is suitable , you never run out of ideas. If you start in small steps, you add to your equipment piece by piece, for exampleflashing lights, handyLED steady lights or professional lenses .

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