Das One-Light-Setup - einfach, aber effektiv

The One Light Setup - simple but effective

Photographing with artificial light - quite a few photographers see this as a hurdle that cannot be taken lightly and is associated with a lot of patience, a learning process and one or the other investment. All of this is correct, but anyone who is toying with the idea of working with artificial light in the future should be put at ease. After all, it only takes a single light source to achieve professional results.
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Not just a few photographers see photography with artificial light as a hurdle that cannot be taken lightly and is associated with a lot of patience, a learning process and one or the other investment. All of this is correct, but anyone who plays with the idea can join in even in the future artificial light to work, afraid to be taken. After all, it only takes one single light source , around professional results to achieve. The effect that light has on the model is best explored in practice. It is very likely that most of them will achieve a significant, qualitative increase in their own on the first try photographic expression determine.

To the desired professional character i Photographers don't need a studio, elaborate three-point exposure, or a team to achieve their own shots. Much more valuable than often expensive equipment is the understanding of the effects of light and the Mastery of a single light source . If used correctly, add a reflector the setup is excellent and also replaces a second light source at low cost.

One-light-setup mit Jinbei

What does the light setup look like with a single light source?

Before going into detail about the structure and the possibilities that result from the use of a single light source revealed, it is important to emphasize that both aLED permanent light as well as onestudio flash can be used. It is also conceivable to use oneattachable or system flash, although the light output here is usually somewhat lower than with the first two.

In order to be able to empathize better and, in particular, more quickly with the effect and the correct use of the individual artificial light sources, photographers should view them as substitute for the sun introduce. Where is the sun when it is special flattering portraits be photographed, what kind of hard shadows are needed and how are they formed Transitions from light to shadow in such a way that they model the face and body of the models in the most meaningful way?

In most cases, a single light source is used in such a way that Light from above and slightly oblique falls on the model. The effect of the height of the light source is analogous to that position of the sun to use. Anyone dealing with artificial light for the first time will find that frontal light appears flatter and casts fewer shadows while lateral light more depths causes and leaves dark spots. The art of the user is now to choose the position so that it corresponds to the desired Expression of the picture corresponds and at the same time the model flatters . In order to avoid strong and too deep shadows, which unnecessarily increase the contrast and do not always have a positive effect on the overall impression, thereflector for application. Depending on the chosen side of the reflector becomes the light ofstudio flashess or desLED steady light so thrown back on the dark places that the Contrast less strong fails.

The advantages of the one-light setup

The One light setup is easy to implement, the learning curve is quickly mastered and the costs for new acquisitions are kept within limits. Another advantage is that this setup is relatively easy to transport is, so itself Photos on location are easy to deal with.

Appropriate equipment for the one-light setup

As already mentioned, offer studio flashes and LED steady lights to artificial light with a single light source to use. Beginners do particularly well with onesteady light easily, since with this the desired effect immediately visible is and the photographer does not have to deal with sync times and the correct exposure for a long time. Anyone who already has some experience with that One light setup has collected, who usesflashes especially because of the often greater light intensity and ways like that High speed sync who work with artificial light and with open aperture even with strong sun exposure allow.

One-Light-Setup mit Jinbei

to a soft light to achieve the one-light setup, photographers use different oneslight shaper. are particularly suitable for thissoft boxes, thetranslucent screen however, represents a cheaper alternative. For particularly hard, high-contrast image use is also recommended without light shaper .

A setup for all occasions

It doesn't matter whether you want it to be quick or you want the effect to be particularly natural One light setup is a solution that, when used correctly, always increases professional results leads. The setup is also useful when photographers fundamentals of shooting with artificial light from scratch want to learn .

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