HD-200 Pro studio flash with battery 200 Ws
HD-200 Pro studio flash with battery 200 Ws
HD-200 Pro studio flash with battery 200 Ws
HD-200 Pro studio flash with battery 200 Ws
HD-200 Pro studio flash with battery 200 Ws
HD-200 Pro studio flash with battery 200 Ws
HD-200 Pro studio flash with battery 200 Ws

HD-200 Pro studio flash with battery 200 Ws


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All advantages of the HD-200 Pro studio flash at a glance:

  • Super compact studio flash with rechargeable battery - ideal for on the go
  • 200 Ws output adjustable in 9 f-stops
  • TTL mode, HSS mode, Freeze mode, synchronization to 1st or 2nd shutter curtain
  • Burning time up to 1 / 20,000 s in freeze mode
  • Recycling time max. 1.3 s
  • 32 channels, 16 groups
  • Color temperature of 5500 K (M, TTL), approx. 5200 K (Freeze / HSS mode)
  • Modeling light: LED 5 W (5000K 300 K))
  • Battery operation with over 450 releases
  • Removable handle / tripod mount
  • Jinbei adapter, not a Bowens S-type, but adapter sold separately
  • Compatible with TR-Q7, TR-Q6 / Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus cameras
  • Including lithium-ion battery, reflector, honeycomb and colored foils

With the HD-200 Pro you get a particularly compact, handy and also light studio flash that weighs only 785 g without battery, but at the same time over a full Power of 200 Ws disposes.

So that you aren't limited in your creativity just because your chosen shooting location may not have an electrical outlet, the flash comes with one Lithium-ion battery (14.4 V DC 10 A / 37 Wh / 2600 mAh), which also enables you to shoot on location. At full power, around 450 releases are possible with just one charge.

And of course the releases are also possible in very quick sequences, because the Recycling time of lightning is only a maximum 1.3 seconds . But also the Burn-off time of the flash is impressive because it is up to in Freeze mode 1 / 20,000 s .

The following modes are also possible with the flash (in addition to the Freeze mode): TTL mode, HSS mode, synchronization on the 1st shutter curtain and synchronization on the 2nd shutter curtain.

  1. With TTL you can enjoy convenient automatic functions that change with changing light conditions during Outdoor shoots prove to be very advantageous, as they save you the constant manual correction of the flash output on the device.
  1. The High-speed synchronization HSS (only in manual mode) enables faster shutter speeds than the usual synchro times. Depending on the camera model, this can be up to 1/8500 second . With extremely short exposure times you can freeze fast movements, flash against the sun and use more open apertures Portraits outdoors.
  1. Also the Freeze mode is possible with the flash. The room must be dark for this. Here the burning time of the pear is faster than the closure. So you're taking pictures in normal sync time, but the flash is so fast that it freezes objects in motion.

  2. In the Synchronization to the first shutter the flash is triggered at the beginning with a short sync time and then the ambient light is used to display the movement.

  3. In the Synchronization to the second shutter will lightning at the end of the
    Shutter speed triggered with a short flash-off time after the motion is captured over the ambient light.

Note: TTL and HSS modes cannot be used together.

The HD-200 Pro is compatible with cameras from Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus and Sony, but only if you have a wireless remote control, such as the TR-Q7 or TR-Q6.

The flash has two connections– Spigot and also 1/4-inch . Depending on which connection you prefer, you can use the adapter to have a spigot connection or you can use the ¼ inch thread.

Scope of delivery: battery + charger, spigot adapter, reflector, accessory adapter, honeycomb, six colored foils and a carrying case.

Technical data, scope of delivery & downloads

power 200 Ws
Guide number F 32.2 (1 m, HD-200 Pro reflector, ISO 100, t = 1/125 s)
Flash modes

M, TTL(Can not be used together with HSS), EasyCap *, Delay *
* must be implemented by Jinbei trigger and app

Synchronization modes Normal, HSS(Can not be used together with TTL), Synchronization to 1st shutter curtain, synchronization to 2nd shutter curtain, freeze (only with "M")
Power regulation M / HSS: 1.0 - 9.0 (1/256 - 1/1) / TTL: 3.0 EVV
Burning time (t = 0.5 s) Normal: 1/800 - 1 / 8000s, Freeze: 1/800 - 1 / 20,000 s
Recycling time 0.05 - 1.3 s
channels 32 (00 - 31)
groups 16 (A - J / L / O / P / Q / S / U)
Color temperature M / TTL: 5500 K 150 KK
Freeze / HSS: 5200 K (can vary up to 9000 K)
Modeling light 5 W LED (5000K 300 K))
Radio receiver Integrated, 2.4 GHz, range 100 mm
Bowens S-type bayonet no, but adapters sold separately. Here: Jinbei adapter
Power supply Battery operation only
Battery operation

Lithium-ion battery 14.4 V DC 10 A / 37 Wh / 2600 mAh
Input max. 1.3 A, 16.8 V
Battery life: 300 charging cycles (up to 80% capacity)

Input: 100 - 240 V ~ 1.4 A, 50/60 Hz
Output: 16.8 V DC 1 A / 16.8 W

Trips in battery mode ˃ 450
Further equipment Automatic shutdown: 10 min / 30 min / off
Sync connection 3.5 mm / sync voltage DC 5 V
Firmware upgrade
Removable handle / tripod mount
Compatible radio remote controls Jinbei TR-Q7, TR-Q6
Compatible cameras Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus
Dimensions 23 x 14.2 x 8 cm (L x W x H)
Weight 1.15 kg (without battery)
Operating instructions, firmware, etc .:: To the download center
scope of delivery

1 x HD-200 Pro studio flash
1 x lithium-ion battery
1 x charger including cable
1 x HD-200 Pro reflector
1 x accessory adapter
1 x honeycomb
6 x color foils
1 x carrying case
1 x English instruction manual

Note: The German version of the operating instructions is available in the download center.

Customer Reviews

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Markus O.
Ein Top-Gerät zum sehr fairen Preis

Bin mit dem kleinen Blitz sehr zufrieden.

Martin v.d.T.
Good small flashes

Handy flash, small, enough power & easy to use. Fast delivery by Jinbei Deutschland.

Thomas J.
Technisch ausgereift und fertig gefertigt...

…aber ein viel zu schwaches Einstelllicht mit nur 5 Watt

Jörg-Uwe J.
Jinbei Blitz HD-200

Schnelle Lieferung! Sehr gute Ware!

Mailboxde c.G.P.Š.

HD-200 Pro Studioblitz mit Akku 200 Ws