Ersatz-Glasschutz für Studioblitzröhren Jinbei

Replacement glass protection for studio flash tubes


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All the advantages of the Replacement glass protection at a glance:

  • Protects against burns
  • Avoids damage and contamination of the flash tube
  • Break-proof, color-neutral glass
  • For use in the studio and on location

Jinbei replacement glass protection for various Jinbei studio flash tubes

With the Jinbei glass protection for Jinbei studio flash tubes protect Your light sources effectively against damage and soiling . In addition, you also bend Burns when changing light shapers, because the break-proof glass hood is also heat resistant . The conversion and transport of your flash units is significantly simplified in this way and the service life of the units is maximized. Openings on the side and on the front prevent heat build-up.

Technical data & scope of delivery

Available for:

Jinbei HD-610 cordless studio flashes
Jinbei HD-610 Pro cordless studio flashes
Jinbei HD-400 TTL battery studio flash
Jinbei HD-400 Pro TTL battery studio flash
Jinbei MSN TTL 600 & 800 studio flashes
Jinbei MSN III-800 studio flash
Jinbei MSN III-600 studio flash
Jinbei MSN III-400 studio flash
Jinbei Pilot III-1200 Pro studio flash

Scope of delivery: 1 x Jinbei replacement glass protector for various Jinbei studio flash tubes