HD-400 TTL Pro studio flash with 400 W battery
HD-400 TTL Pro Studioblitz mit Akku 400 Ws Jinbei
HD-400 TTL Pro Studioblitz mit Akku 400 Ws Jinbei
HD-400 TTL Pro Studioblitz mit Akku 400 Ws Jinbei
HD-400 TTL Pro studio flash with 400 W battery


HD-400 TTL Pro studio flash with 400 W battery

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▶ ︎ TTL control and manual mode (1/1 to 1/256, in HSS operation up to 1/16)
▶ ︎ Freeze mode for super short burn-off times
▶ ︎ 400 watt-seconds flash output
▶ ︎ Very fast flash charging time
▶ ︎ Simplified clipping with Easy Cap
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Jinbei HD-400 TTL Pro battery studio flash for beginners and mobile photographers

the Jinbei HD-400 TTL Pro Cordless studio flash completes the Jinbei HD model series 400 watt seconds flash output downwards. The HD-400 TTL Pro is available with manual or TTL flash power control as well as those known from Jinbei creative flash functions such as high-speed synchronization HSS, freeze function, easy cap and delay. For additional creative effects five color filters included included, which hold magnetically to the supplied reflector.

The HD-400 TTL Pro is preferably aimed at Beginners in flash photography and mobile photographers who want lightweight equipment. As a single unit or together with one or more HD-610 HSS, MSN TTL or MARS-3 flash units, the HD-400 TTL Pro is ideal not only on location, but also in the studio for smaller and larger flash setups in portrait, beauty and fashion photography.

HD-400 TTL Pro Studioblitz mit Akku 400 Ws Display
  1. Combustion time (t 0.5) of up to 1/20,000 s (freeze) - recycling time of max. 0.9 s
  2. 20 W modeling light
  3. Cooling system integrated in flash head
  4. Battery life for up to 450 releases
  5. Can be used with simultaneous charging (from 25% battery charge capacity)

Small differences next to many similarities

In addition to the lower performance make a changed case design including a new battery and display position, a stronger LED modeling light and all that 30 percent lower overall weight of 2.24 kilograms the differences to the big brother HD-610 HSS. The different arrangement of the display on the side of the flash unit makes it easier to read and operate the individual functions when taking pictures with a boom stand. All function settings are available as usual via the clearly structured menu navigation accessible.

in the Difference to the HD-400 TTL the pro version can too flash during charging from a charge of 25%, since the charger also acts as a power supply , she owns with 20 watts a stronger one LED modeling light and has one Flash loading time of only 0.9 seconds . The Pro's delay countdown time is in the millisecond range, not the seconds range.With continuous shooting, it can keep up with the camera at reduced performance of up to 20 frames per second.

This is one of the proven features of the HD-400 TTL Pro Bowens S-type bayonet for connecting light shapers from a wide variety of suppliers. As with the HD-610 HSS, power is supplied by a powerful lithium-polymer battery. Up to 450 trips at full power and one Flash load time from 0.05 to 0.9 seconds it guarantees enduring and speedy work.

In addition to the manual power setting from full to 1/256 power, the TTL flash output control for constant flash exposures to the basic equipment. With TTL you can enjoy convenient automatic functions, which prove to be extremely advantageous in changing lighting conditions during outdoor shooting, as they save you from having to constantly correct the flash output manually on the device.

Pilot III-1200 Pro Studioblitz mit 1200 Ws TTL

Freeze fast movements easily

Around fast movements crisp and sharp when flashing to freeze , the HD-400 TTL Pro offers various options. The is suitable for manual operation Freeze function for cameras without HSS mode. It enables extremely short burn-off times (up to 1/20,000 second) with normal camera-dependent flash synchronization times.

the high-speed sync HSS (only in manual mode) enables faster shutter speeds than the usual sync speeds. Depending on the camera model, this is enough 1/8500 second . Use extremely short exposure times to freeze fast movements, flash against the sun and use wider apertures for outdoor portraits.

Notice: TTL and HSS modes cannot be used together.

Pilot III-1200 Pro Studioblitz mit 1200 Ws Recycling Time

TTL or HSS operation with Jinbei radio remote controls

For TTL or HSS operation with compatible DSLR cameras, Jinbei offers the Radio remote control TR-Q7 on. the Bluetooth remote controls TR-Q6 C / N / S / F for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm cameras offer a convenient operating concept that can be expanded with a smartphone app. Please note that the HD-400 TTL Pro only works with the TR-Q7 and TR-Q6 remote controls in TTL or HSS mode and not with other remote triggers!

Jinbei regularly expands compatibility more camera models via firmware upgrade. The update is done via the USB port on the back of the flash (with the battery removed).

Compatible with other radio remote controls

The integrated radio receiver of the HD-400 TTL Pro is also compatible with the Jinbei radio remote controls TR-V6, TRS-V and TR-RV under the above mentioned restriction. The actual range of functions of the remote control can be found in the item description. Flash triggers from other manufacturers can be used via the 3.5 millimeter jack of the HD-400 TTL Pro.

Easy Cap makes cropping easier

With Easy Cap, Jinbei has installed a function for simplified capping in a studio flash. This creates two shots, one with the desired lighting of the main subject and a second with the lighting of the background. Due to the exclusive backlighting, the subject stands out from him like a black silhouette. You will later use this recording as a layer mask in post-processing with an image editing program such as Photoshop. This method makes it much easier to crop difficult details.

Several flash groups are available in Easy Cap mode. The number of flashes included in the respective group is unlimited. Using the order one to six, you determine which group is responsible for lighting the main subject or the background.

HD-400 TTL Pro Studioblitz Akku

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12 months guarantee on all our products. Except batteries.

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gheorghe m.

HD-400 TTL Pro Studioblitz mit Akku 400 Ws

Tatyana K.

HD-400 TTL Pro Studioblitz mit Akku 400 Ws

marek K.
Super Studioblitz

1-ste Klasse Blitz , Lecht , schnell im eisatz

Bin zufrieden

Alles tip top, Danke!

Artur W.
Sehr schnelle Lieferung, sehr zufrieden

Ich brauchte mal wieder einen Blitz mit Akku und da dachte ich mir, dass es wieder ein Jinbei sein sollte, weil ich bisher immer sehr zufrieden mit der Leistung und der Haltbarkeit war. Also habe ich das Neujahrsangebot wahrgenommen und mir den Blitz gekauft und ich bin wirklich begeistert.

Stephanie F.
Wirklich klasse, danke.

Ich bin nicht nur immer wieder von den Produkten sehr begeistert, ich bin auch extrem glücklich mit dem Support wenn das Problem nicht produkt- sondern anwenderverursacht ist ;-), lieben Dank!

Thomas G.
Für den Profi….

Der Blitz war für meinen Sohn, der professionell fotografiert. Er ist sehr zufrieden. Gerät ist schön variabel, da sowohl mit als auch ohne Akku zu betreiben. Versand und Lieferung erfolgten sehr schnell.

Thomas V.
Gute Blitzköpfe

Die Steuerung und die Leistung sind sehr gut, auch die schnelle Blitzladezeit.
Bis jetzt 2 Shootings damit gehabt. Wie lange die Blitzköpfe mit einer Akku-Ladung halten kann ich noch nicht wirklich sagen. Aber für die beiden Shootings war es ausreichend.
Preis-Leistung passt!