Tele-Reflektor 45 Grad Jinbei
Tele-Reflektor 45 Grad Jinbei

Tele reflector 45 degrees


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All advantages of the tele-reflector at a glance:

  • Small, well-lit area
  • Pronounced, hard shadows
  • Silver interior coating
  • Bowens S-type bayonet
  • Larger subject distance possible
  • For portrait and wedding photos

Of the Jinbei telephoto reflector 45° diffuses the light at an angle of 45 degrees and at the same time reflects it towards the center. A small, intensely illuminated area is created, which is surrounded by pronounced shadows. Due to its construction, you can also illuminate a motif with the tele-reflector greater distance.

Universal Bowens S-type bayonet

About the Bowens S-type bayonet the reflector 45 fits many cordless / studio flash units Jinbei / Bowens / Walimex flashes or continuous lights with the appropriate

Specifications & amp; scope of delivery

Shape: round
Diameter: 28 cm
Length: 34.5 cm
Illumination angle: 45°
Color inside: silver
Color outside: black
Connection: Bowens S-type
Weight: 0.6 kg
Scope of delivery: 1 x Jinbei Tele-Reflector 45°

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