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This is how action-packed shots succeed

Who does not know them, the impressive snapshots of sporting events, birds of prey swooping or geysers at the moment of eruption? After marveling at the effect of the image, the question often follows as to how the photographer managed to capture such a fleeting moment, which sometimes lasted only a few thousandths of a second, in pin-sharp detail.
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Who doesn't know them, the impressive snapshots of sporting events, birds of prey swooping in or geysers at the moment of eruption. After marveling at the effect of the picture, the question often follows as to how the photographers managed to capture one fleeting moment , which sometimes lasted only a few thousandths of a second, to be captured pin-sharp.
Action-packed shots depend heavily on the Ideas on the camera, the technology used and of course the experience of the photographer. The following describes in more detail how from now on everyone will be able to capture one action-packed moment forever.

The exposure time so moments are frozenn

The longer a scene is exposed, the greater the risk that movements in the picture will be blurred or that the picture itself will be blurred. When capturing moments of sport, frolicking pets, or birds in the wild, the exposure time possible fast be. This works best with bright lenses with the widest possible aperture. Exposure times of 1/4000 seconds or even faster are ideal for car races or winter sports. Cameras with one prove to be practical electronic shutter , these shoulder such short shutter speeds without any problems.

Gelungene Actionfotos
Exposure times of 1/1000 seconds are often sufficient for football or wildlife photography. In addition to the exposure time, the exposure time is of course also important for a razor-sharp image ISO value the camera. This is best set manually, because in automatic focus the camera often selects a value that is so high that disturbing image and color noise can no longer be avoided. Such are ideal fast exposure times when there is sufficient light in the form of natural light or artificial light, for example as lightning , is available.

Spray and pray the benefits of burst modes

Choosing a single moment to release the camera in the midst of the action often goes awry. It is therefore better to use a method that professional photographers like „Spray and Pray“ to name. What is meant by this is the method in which, by means of the burst mode as many pictures as possible are taken in a row. This can be recognized by the iconic sound of the clasp, which is so often heard at press conferences or sporting events. If ten, twelve or more images are captured within a second, chances are good that there is something useful in them. Fast memory cards , which save quickly prove to be a great advantage with this method, as they help ensure that the buffer does not fill up too quickly, which allows for longer continuous shooting.

Gelungene Actionfotos

Lightning on the second curtain

This method is recommended if little light is available or if a movement direction should be frozen visually. With a longer exposure time For example, the path of the athlete or the animal is practically captured as a ghost image, just before ther second curtain closes and the exposure ends, the triggerslightning out of.

Prediction and perfect timing

If the one, ideal moment is captured, it is absolutely necessary that this is anticipated. There are several reasons for this, so photographers should of course on the one hand right place stand when something happens. On the other hand, it makes sense to focus on the location of the event to focus manually , so that the focus is on when the expected moment arrives.
It depends on the focal length, distance, focus mode of the camera and type of lens automatic focus often difficult to correctly identify the right element within fractions of a second when there is a lot of movement. In such moments, photographers have to imagine beforehand where the desired moment is likely to occur. It is helpful to study a certain behavior beforehand, for example in sports or in animal photography.

Don't be afraid of creative perspectives!

get close , with a Ultra wide angle lens work or out of worm's-eye view If you want to excel in action photography, don't be afraid to approach this special photographic category creatively. Capturing the fastest movements from a perspective that hardly anyone gets to see is a big one allure of action photography .

Gelungene Actionfotos
In the action photography mastering the basic camera techniques is the basic requirement. Anyone who knows their camera by heart and no longer has to think too much about the respective settings will come to the desired results . The Practice is worth it so.

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