Kreative Bildideen für Porträts

Creative picture ideas for portraits

The portrait is the supreme discipline in photography. It's about capturing a person's character and soul in a split second. This is easier if the light, the background and the idea behind the composition are adapted to the person, to the mood and to the intended message of the picture. There are many creative and perhaps previously unimagined solutions, the best tips for creative portraits are presented in more detail below. 

The portrait is the supreme discipline in photography. It applies, in a split second character and soul to capture a person. This is easier if the light, the background and the idea behind the composition are adapted to the person, to the mood and to the intended message of the picture. creative and maybe so far unexpected solutions there are many, the best Tips for creative portraits are presented in more detail below.

The best ideas for creative portraits

Light and The shade , along with the Color , form the most important elements of an image. In a portrait, it is the photographer's job to harmonize these elements in such a way that a distinctive photo becomes.

 Tipps für kreative Porträts

Increase the contrast with light and shadow

Hard contrasts direct the viewer's gaze. On sunny days, when the sun is high in the sky, the light outdoors is usually too harsh for portraits. Nevertheless, there is plenty of light if contrasts and deep shadows are consciously considered style element are to be used. Interesting patterns in the backgrounds or almost black shadows that run across the face and give a person something mysterious or mysterious. In order for this to succeed, the high points of the picture, i.e. the particularly bright parts in the picture, should be correctly exposed. Due to the limited dynamic range of each camera, the shadows, i.e. the depths, become particularly rich and dark and create the desired effect .

Create interesting patterns with a projector

Why wait for the interesting light when you can just pick it up yourself projector is an excellent way to use projections exciting light worlds to create. Words appear out of nowhere, surreal worlds open up and portraits literally shine in a completely different light.

 Tipps für kreative Porträts

The ideal location and suitable outfits

With a photo it is possible in a role to hatch or even get on one time travel to go. Photographers who use old portraits as a guide or who check exciting locations for their suitability before a shoot can use a single portrait to create a tell history . The Location , the Clothing , the imagery and the composition are coordinated in such a way that they let the viewer of the portrait learn more about the person photographed. What are the preferences of a person, how does he see himself and what should be consciously expressed when looking for the right one Location it doesn't hurt to put yourself in the shoes of a director. Although the film is cut to a fraction of a second in a portrait, the good photo still manages to create the same emotions as a much longer film.n.

Helpful utensils

At a portrait everything is allowed as long as it leads to the desired results. Fruits, costumes, flowers, tools or taking photos through panes of glass - the ideas really are limitless. Particularly creative it will be when mirrors are used. They are also particularly practicalmobile backgrounds, with these you can professional on the available premises or locations react.

Tipps für kreative Porträts

An extraordinary image look

The the atmosphere , the look, so the imagery , which is expressed through the composition, also plays a decisive part in the success of a portrait. In the best case, care is taken to ensure that the desired atmosphere is created in the picture during the recording. Of course, afterwards, using the digital post-processing be helped, but if a certain mood already prevails during the shooting, then there is a good chance that this will also affect the Effect of the final image.
Sepia, black and white, colored shadows and colored lights, playing with all the available options from the photographer's repertoire lends itself to achieving the desired result. Likewise can different focal lengths create surprising effects.

double exposures

Most digital cameras today allow you to start using while recording double exposures to work. Even if that's not possible, this effect can be used later in post-processing to create portraits that initially puzzle the viewer.

The conclusion to the creative picture ideas for portraits

The Experiment , the Try out and always something To try something new , for these possibilities stands the modern one portrait photography and these should definitely be taken into account. Always looking around for new ideas is also an important part of portrait photography. As long as you don't run out of ideas, the portraits will also be expressive and tell yours own story , which connects with the people photographed in different ways.