Die Besonderheiten der Paarfotografie

The peculiarities of couple photography

Photography is a great way to freeze time. While couples are increasingly taking selfies these days, a professional or amateur photographer, with their skills and equipment, is a little better placed to create photographic memories that will stand the test of time .

The true value of a photo can sometimes only be appreciated many years after the shot was taken. A photo captures things and situations that are sometimes not so easy to put into words. Couples like to be photographed to celebrate their young love or to show themselves to each other special moments to remember forever. The upcoming Valentine's Day is particularly good for finding photos together or for your partner a special one couple shoot to give.

Photography is a great way to freeze time. It's true that couples are increasingly taking selfies these days, but a professional photographer or an amateur friend with their skills and equipment is a bit better suited to photographic memories to create that will stand the test of time.

 Paarfotografie mit Jinbei

What to look for in couple photography?

Every couple is different and every relationship looks a little different. The task of a photographer is now to imagery to be found, which ensures that the couple recognizes itself in the pictures. This means that there is no scheme that can be applied over and over again. If you already know the couple whose pictures are to be created, you probably also know about their hobbies and preferences. In a professional relationship, things usually look different. Which is why it takes a lot of empathy and the ability to listen carefully.

Does that stand? couple shoot photographers have to find a suitable location in consultation with the couple. The easiest way is the ideal set in the photo studio build up, after all, stand by the creative lighting most options available there. studio flashes , steady lights ,colored foils and maybe even someone to do the hair and makeup. Finding the perfect conditions is sometimes only a minor matter when photographing couples, because in some cases it is precisely the spontaneity that leads to the perfect result with on-location photography.

Paarfotografie mit Jinbei

The perfect place as individual as the coupler

Photographers have to have the talent for spontaneous photography outside, especially spontaneous and creative to be. Luckily, today there is the technology that is needed to do this in almost every situation and in every place perfect light to put. light lamp stands, steady lights orFlash units with rechargeable batteries and handy folding reflectors are often enough to imitate the versatility of a small studio in the garden, at the place of first meeting or in nature.

Environmental Portrait or Headshot why not boths?

The talent of a good photographer who is hired for Valentine's Day, for example, is the versatility . This is not only evident, as already mentioned, in the spontaneous finding of a good location and the quick bond with the couple, but mainly in the photos themselves. In couple photography, this happens more and more often principle of storytelling for application. This means that the time you have during the couple shoot is used to tell a little story.

Paarfotografie mit Jinbei

Find your own style

You don't find your own style quickly and you can't copy it either. The own style at the couple photography is the result of many attempts and a routine that inevitably sets in over time. The important thing is that photographers let things happen and constantly work on their own style as soon as it shows itself. Couples like to choose photographers who, with their pictures, enable a completely new perspective on their own relationship. This means that the concepts can be a little more unusual and contrary to the norm. This is particularly useful for changing sections with different ones Focal lengths and mood lighting – what is important, however, is that love can be felt.

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