Gift ideas

Gift ideas for less than 100 euros

For most of us, Christmas is the really best time of the year. We bake biscuits, snuggle up on the sofa on the blankets and pillows and take a lot of time for a really good book. And we hang up fairy lights and decorate the apartment or house with paper stars and Christmas tree balls.

And then comes the grand finale at Christmas, which has created such a nice warm feeling in us since childhood. And that when Christmas Eve is finally here. Then there is good food, nice music, a decorated tree and then of course they are allowed toGifts not missing for our loved ones.

Trolley cases, soft boxes and lamp tripods

Of course, the value that we give each other always varies a little. Some people can spend a little more money, some a little less. And that's exactly why we at Jinbei have set up a page in our shop. her name isGift ideas under 100 euros . You can find great ones thereJinbei products that you can give away wonderfully without having to spend too much money.

For example, in this category you will find our practical trolley cases, with which you can easily transport your equipment from A to B.

Remote release and reflectors

Or we have a fantastic Umbrella Deep Softbox with grid on offer for you there. So you get oneSoftbox that can be set up particularly quickly and is not only ready for immediate use, but also offers you direct light that creates good contrasts.

Are also thereRemote shutter release ,Lamp tripods orReflectors . Take a look around with us. You are guaranteeduseful gifts for photographers find with us.

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Gift ideas for vloggers

A topic that is still becoming more and more importantVlogs . A so-calledVlog is aVideo blog , so to speak aVideo diary , which is then insocial networks is uploaded. For example, you can have a vlog atYoutube ,Facebook orInstagram care for.

There are different ways you can do a vlog. Or also what topics you want to deal with. Big and popular topics are, for example, those of theBeauty vlogger . Beauty vloggers areVideo blogger that their followers on their channels aboutMake-up tips give. And with entire tutorials, they show how certain types of make-up (for example smokey eyes) can be implemented.

Vlog equipment for Christmas

If you want to start with such a vlog, the first question that often arises is what a good oneBeauty vlogger setup for example should include. What is necessary for that?

And we at Jinbei have exactly the right answers to these questions. Because that too can be a wonderful oneChristmas gift idea be: Namely aGift for vlogger in form of aVlog equipment . Of course, all the equipment does not have to be given at once, but can also be purchased one by one.

And it doesn't just have to be beauty. Because of course there are many different types of vlogs. For example there is alsoFood vlogger who deal with cooking, baking and such instructions. OrDaily vlogger who report on a wide variety of topics of all kinds on a daily basis. We have at hand for all of these speciesJinbei gift ideas on these pages. AlsoGift ideas for fashion vloggers can be found with us if you are particularly into fashion. Take your time and discover our offers.

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Gift ideas for outdoor photographers

You would rather be with your loved one or even yourselfOutdoor photographers locate Then we are sure to have good ideas for you. Namely Gift ideasthat theOutdoor photographer pleased.

For example, we have strong onesLightning bolts in our offer that have powerful batteries. Like the HD-610 Pro, for example. With it you can not only shoot in the studio without any problems (without having to worry about cables lying around), but you are also able to flash on location.

A flash for outdoor photographers

It has a flash output of 600 watt seconds, a battery life for up to 500 releases, a burn time of up to 1 / 20,000 s (freeze) and a recycling time of a maximum of 0.9 seconds. The flash also comes with a 25 watt modeling light and a cooling system integrated in the flash head. So what more could you want from a good flash for outdoor photographers? But if that doesn't fully meet your expectations, we have plenty of other gift ideas in our range..

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