KE Quickly Open Octabox Softbox with grid
KE Quickly Open Octabox Softbox with grid


KE Quickly Open Octabox Softbox with grid

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▶︎ Flexible Lichtgestaltung für Mode-, Porträt- und Fashion-Fotos
▶ ︎ Easy to open using the click mechanism and ready for immediate use
▶ ︎ Inner and front diffuser for softer, less reflective light
▶ ︎ Silver inner coating
▶ ︎ Interchangeable speed ring
size:100 cm
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2234-2235_KE Quickly Open Octabox mit Grid

Jinbei KE Quickly Open Octabox with Grid with easy click mechanism

The octagonal Jinbei KE Quickly Open Octabox is that with its soft and natural light ideal main light for fashion, portrait and fashion shots and creates a natural-looking reflected light in the eyes. The Octabox is with the Bowens S-type bayonet equipped and is suitable for many cordless/studio flash units or LED continuous light lamps with the appropriate connection. With its click mechanism of the rods, the light shaper can be opened easily and quickly and is in the studio or on location immediately ready for use. To do this, stretch the rods until they snap into place and mount the Octabox on the light source - done! This works most easily if you always tighten opposing bars one after the other. Putting the softbox back together is just as easy: you lift the individual sticks on the speedring base slightly, press the corresponding button and then let go of the stick.

2234-2235_KE Quickly Open Octabox mit Grid_Klick-Mechanismus

Flexible in the design of the light

Due to the quick readiness and the robust and resilient construction the light shaper is the ideal partner for flexible illumination in the Studio or on location. The interplay of the standard diffusers and the honeycomb makes the Jinbei KE Quickly Open Octabox an extremely flexible tool for optimal subject illumination.

From high-contrast to directed

Soft, high-contrast light with harder shadows comes from the silver inside of the light shaper. Soft diffused light is available with the two translucent diffusers that are easy to mount on the softbox.

The inner diffuser also reduces the formation of a brighter area of ​​light in the center of the image (hotspot). The outer diffuser creates an enlarged luminous surface and fans out the light further. Both diffusers also minimize the formation of annoying reflections on shiny surfaces - a fact that is of great benefit in portrait and product photography.

The included black Grid reduces the amount of stray light, focuses the light more on the center and makes the outer areas darker. Without changing the soft light character, the Octabox with the honeycomb attached illuminates the motif more precise and controlled out of.

2234-2235_KE Quickly Open Octabox mit Grid_präzise-Ausleuchtung


When closed, the light shaper is very slim and takes up very little space in your photo luggage. So it is perfect for the mobile use and can be easily taken to all shootings. Suitable for use outside the studio or for space-saving storage Octabox and accessories conveniently into the transport bag included in the scope of delivery.

A notice: For the Octaboxes and Deep softboxes with a diameter of more than 120 cm, we recommend them not to be used with the SPARK or DM series of flashes, as it can happen that the flash head lock cannot withstand the increased weight of the softbox and the inclination of the flash changes.

2234-2235_KE Quickly Open Octabox mit Grid_Lieferumfang

Structure of the soft box

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Delivery and returns

Delivery within Germany takes 1-2 working days.


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12 months guarantee on all our products. Except batteries.

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Alles top top - weiter so

Patrick J.

Schnell bekommen, und bereits ausprobiert, super asset für meine arbeit. Bin sehr zufrieden

Stefan M.
Wie immer alles bestens

Klasse Shop, Ware entspricht meinen vollsten Erwartungen.

Bestes Upgrade seit der ersten Version

Ich hab noch die alten Softboxen bei denen man die Stangen einzeln in den Bowens-Adapter einstecken muss. Diese gehen jetzt weg und dafür muss was neues her.
Weil mich Jinbei damals bei meiner ersten Studioausstattung bereits überzeugen konnte, griff ich also wieder auf die Marke zurück. Was soll ich sagen, ich wurde nicht enttäuscht. Die neue Generation Softboxen mit dem QUICKLY OPEN-System brauchen nur einen Bruchteil der Zeit der alten Softboxen um in Betrieb genommen zu werden.

So macht das Shooting auch in fremden Räumen Spaß, weil man seine Ausrüstung schnell und handlich transportieren und auf- und abbauen kann.

Das beste System seitdem ich mit Jinbei-Produkten arbeite!

Christoph D.
Gute Qualität, preiswert

Die handfeste Qualität sowohl der Softbox wie auch des Leuchtenstativs gefallen mit sehr gut.

Marc F.

KE Quickly Open Octabox Softbox mit Grid

Flor I.F.
Quickly Open Octabox Softbox

Ich bin mega begeistert!!
Lieferung war mega schnell da und sehr gut verpackt!
Preis Leistung super, die Qualität finde ich super gut.
Ich werde in Zukunft nur JINBEI Produkte kaufen. Bin super zufrieden.
10 Sterne

Tolles Produkt

Zu diesem super Preis, mit dem ganzen Zubehör, unschlagbar. Ich bin ausserordentlich zufrieden.