Studio flash

Studio flashes from Jinbei

With studio flashes from Jinbei, you always have the right light at hand for your shots. With our high-performance studio flash unit series, we fulfill all the wishes of demanding photographers, from beginners to professional photographers. Simply choose your desired Jinbei model from our range of devices and different performance classes.

Jinbei flash units come with oneintegrated radio receiver equipped and can be operated remotely via radio transmitter. The flash units are extremely flexible when using light shapers. Because thanks to the widespread Bowens S-Type bayonets you are able to use softboxes and reflectors from a wide range of suppliers very easily and to bring the light where you want it.

Studio flash units for every requirement

In theEntry-level area you will find studio flash units with an excellent price-performance ratio and particularly comfortable technical equipment, such as the Spark III-400. All entry-level flash units work withmanual power control. To theupper price and performance segment count the MSN III and MSN TTL studio flash units. The latter work alongside the manual Power regulation additionally with theTTL controlled. So that you are even more mobile and do not have to do without Jinbei quality on the go, many of our studio flash units are also available with batteries.

The latest generation of MSN flash units comes with the latest technology features such as HSS, fast burning times inFreeze mode,Easy cap, short flash charging times and firmware update via USB and offers attractive flash technology for best value for money.