DMII-6 studio flash
DMII-6 studio flash
DMII-6 studio flash
DMII-6 studio flash
DMII-6 studio flash


DMII-6 studio flash

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▶ ︎ Compact and lightweight studio flash
▶ ︎ 600 Ws power, adjustable in 7 f-stops
▶ ︎ Burning time up to 1/2,200 s (t=0.5)
▶ ︎ Recycling time max. 1.0 s
▶ ︎ Daylight-like color temperature of 5,500 K
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Studioblitz Jinbei DMII-6

Create daylight conditions in the interior with ease

In the world of photography, technology and the available light play a particularly important role. In order to realistically depict a scene, technical aids such as spotlights or flashlights are largely dispensed with. this will Available light photography called. If, on the other hand, light is actively used to create a picture, the focus is on the creative lighting of the target object. In this sense ours is DMII-6 studio flash a small handy flash unit which is able to perfectly trace the daylight.

The powerful DMII-6 impresses with a large light output at a fair price

That of us in particular for that  domestic studio conceived DMII-6 flash unit is a must especially for your own photo studio. Both the Professional photographer as well as the ambitious amateur equally pleased. Of the Successor to the DM series 6 has it all and provides several good arguments why you should choose this device.

Both the handiness and the comparatively very low weight of less than 1.7 kilograms play a very important role in evaluating the quality of the device. That handy lightweight also has a user-friendly user interface as well as handling that is self-explanatory.

Studioblitz Jinbei DMII-6

  1. Photocell (infrared sensor)
  2. Modeling light / acoustic signal
  3. Test flash button
  4. Sync connector
  5. Connection for power cord and microfuse
  6. Radio mode button
  7. SET button
  8. Minus and plus buttons
  9. On / off switch

The ease of use of the Jinbei DMII-6

The particular for the Indoor portrait and still life photography suitable Jinbei DMII-6 impresses with its high level of user-friendliness, which can be used across borders. The voltage range of the electricity supplier can therefore be between 90 265 voltst be used. The structured user interface of a high-resolution LC displays offers a very easy to read menu.

With a integrated radio receiver the device can also be controlled from outside. The clear user interface allows very good control and integration of the flash unit with other photo equipment. The flash unit can open 32 channels fall back on that in total 16 groups can be divided. The remote controls TR-Q7,TR-Q6,TR-V6andTRS-V are compatible with the DMII-6.

Studioblitz Jinbei DMII-6Studioblitz Jinbei DMII-6

Full light output with an unbeatably fast flash charging time

The DMII-6 flash unit should be used to create daylight conditions in the interior. With a capacity of 600 watt seconds there is no need to think about it. The substantial gain compared to its predecessor is based on the lighting effect of a color temperature of 5,500 Kelvin . At a Flash charging time (English recycling time) From just 0.05 to a maximum of 0.9 seconds, the mirrorless systems - or DSLR cameras can also be used in Series mode use.

The powerful lightweight for studio photography also has a Bowens S-Type connector , which can be equipped with a wide variety of light shapers. This in seven f-stops adjustable device offers all possibilities to design the work process creatively. This makes Blitzlicht a picture designer who artistically unfolds his own ideas.

Studioblitz Jinbei DMII-6

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Delivery and returns

Delivery within Germany takes 1-2 working days.


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12 months guarantee on all our products. Except batteries.

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Customer Reviews

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Andy H.
Bin sehr zufrieden

Blitz funktioniert sehr gut

Jan R.
Super Blitz und mega schneller Versand

Habe nichts zu meckern. Macht genau das beschriebene und bin wunschlos glücklich. Würde ich wieder kaufen


Alles super

Toller Blitz, aber......

Wie alle meine Vorgänger kann ich nur zustimmen das Preis Leistung Super ist.
Lieferung verläuft auch prompt. Kann man getrost loben.
Aber....der Blitz ist extrem Laut (Lüfter)
Während dem Set umbau muss ich den Blitz ausschalten weil es sonst unerträglich wird weil der Lüfter so laut ist.
hab ihn Juli 2022 gekauft und vielleicht 10 mal benützt weil er einfach zu laut ist.

Marcel H.
Tolles Produkt, Preis-Leistung mega

Das Produkt macht einen tollen Eindruck, die Einstellmöglichkeiten, auch am kleinen Fernsteuerblitzaufsatz sind prima. Das Einstelllicht kann parallel zur Blitzleistung eingestellt werden, mega.

Jörg-Uwe J.
DMII-6 Studioblitz

Schnelle Lieferung! Super Preis / Leistung!

g T.G.
DMII-6 Studioblitz

Sehr schnelle und prompte Lieferung, gerne wieder.,

Stefan N.
Toller Service mit kleinen Anlaufschwierigkeiten

Bestellung und Lieferung waren top.
Inbetriebnahme der Studioblitze mit dem Trigger war etwas hakelig.
Mit Hilfe des Chat-Teams wurde aber sehr schnell eine Lösung gefunden.
Chat-Team hat auch nochmal nachgehakt, das finde ich gut.