EFP-400 softbox with grid
EFP-400 softbox with grid
EFP-400 softbox with grid
EFP-400 softbox with grid
EFP-400 softbox with grid
EFP-400 softbox with grid

EFP-400 softbox with grid


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All advantages of the EFP-400 softbox with grid at a glance:

  • Matching softbox to be placed on the EFP-400 LED panel
  • Flexible lighting design for fashion, portrait and fashion photos
  • Easy to assemble
  • Silver inside for soft, high-contrast light
  • Diffuser for soft, diffused, reflection-free light
  • Grid / honeycomb for soft, directed light

Jinbei EFP-400 Softbox

For the EFP-400 , our extremely high quality Bicolor permanent light panel with 400 watts , we now have something for you that will make your work with a range of absolute creative uses equips. Among other things, because also Honeycomb attachment (grid) is included.

Jinbei EFP-400 SoftboxJinbei EFP-400 Softbox

The Softbox can be insane attach quickly and easily . Just put them on Your permanent light and you're ready to go. For an even better hold, the softbox has fastenings that you can attach to the Back of the light can attach.

Jinbei EFP-400 SoftboxJinbei EFP-400 Softbox

And that's the EFP-400

TheContinuous light EFP-400 himself has one Lux number of 3,000 at five meters. You have productions in front of you where you need a lot of brightness over a particularly short distance EFP-400 the right panel for her. Product shots and Slow motion shots are extremely well lit so that your pictures will achieve exactly the quality you want.

You can control the light through the am Permanently lit barndoors . So you can direct your light exactly where it should be.

What will also inspire you That the device so easy to transport is. Simply fold up the barndoors and the journey can begin. Furthermore there is the possibility of double V-mount attachment at the back of the device is a big plus because it also lets you use the light mobile can use at any time.

Another exciting aspect of that EFP-400 is that it doesn't change its brightness when you pull it from Switch from warm to cold light which is very often the case with other permanent lights.

EFP-400 V2 LED-Panel


Technical data, scope of delivery & downloads

Shape: Rectangular
Colour: Silver (inside), black (outside)
60 x 90 x 26 cm
Dimensions folded: 65 x 45 x 3 cm
Weight: 520 g
Rotatable: No
Diffuser: White
Compatibility: EFP-400 LED panel
Scope of delivery: EFP-400 softbox, diffuser, grid

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