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All advantages of the M Studio Softbox series at a glance:

  • Creates ideal light for portrait and beauty photography
  • Freely rotatable thanks to the speed ring
  • Professional lighting of photos
  • Space-saving storage

Jinbei M Studio softbox series for versatile lighting design

The rectangular M Studio softbox enables oneprofessional and natural lighting of the subject and creates a natural-looking reflex light in the eyes. Therefore it is ideal for fashion and portrait photography. The white material ensures that the light does not shine directly on the subject, sosofter shadows fall andannoying reflections avoided become.

Of theInternal diffuser additionally reduces the emergence of a brighter light area in the center of the hotspot. Of ther External diffuser creates an enlarged illuminated area and fanned the light further. Both diffusers additionally minimize the formation of disturbing reflections on shiny surfaces, a fact that is of great benefit in portrait and product photography.t.

Can be used with many flashes and lights

About theBowens S-type bayonet the M Studio Softbox can be used on studio flash units, rechargeable studio flashes and LED continuous lights from Jinbei and other providers with the appropriate connection. The speed ring can be used to optimally position the light formerrotate 360 degrees.

The softbox offers perfect elasticity and is easy to assemble and disassemble using the supplied poles.

Technical details

Shape: rectangular
Dimensions W x H:): M 60 x 90: 60 x 90 cm
M 70 x 100: 70 x 100 cm
M 80 x 120: 80 x 120 cm
M 70 x 140: 70 x 140 cm
Foldable: Yes
Rotatable: 360°
Color inside: silver
Color outside: black
Diffuser: outside, inside, white
Connection: Bowens S-type
Compatibility: Jinbei
Bowens S-type bayonet
Walimex K bayonet, DS series, VC series, Walimex Pro bayonet and series with identical bayonett)
scope of delivery 1 x Jinbei M 60 x 90 cm / M 70 x 100 cm or M 80 x 120 cm Studio Softbox
1 x speed ring
1 x internal diffuser
1 x external diffuser
4 x poles

Customer Reviews

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Sven-Ulrich R.
Für den Preis ganz OK!

Tasche zum verpacken könnte noch dabei sein sonst fliegen die Einzelteile überall rum, was nicht so gut ist. Softbox tut was sie soll. Also nicht schlecht, aber für volle Sternchenanzahl fehlt eben die Tasche.

Dominik S.
Super Softbox für kleinen Preis

Die Softbox war schnell aufgebaut, fühlt sich für den Preis gut an und ist bei mir mehrmals pro Woche im Einsatz. Würde sie jederzeit wieder kaufen. Nur wer sie jeden Tag auf und Abbauen muss würde ich zu einen anderen System mit Quick Open Mechanismus raten.