Multi lamp tripod
Multi lamp tripod
Multi lamp tripod
Multi lamp tripod

Multi lamp tripod


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All advantages of the multi-lamp tripod at a glance:

  • ATTENTION: Bulky items
  • Rollable lamp tripod
  • Height adjustable between 115 and 220 cm
  • Pack size 108 cm
  • Maximum load 15 kg
  • The light source is mounted on a bracket with a spigot connection, which can be adjusted in height as required

It's not for nothing that this lamp tripod is called the multi-lamp tripod. The‚Multi‘ means at this point that it is on prepared several different situations from studio setups is.

It works so that the lamp holder comes with it Spigot connection can be moved up and down on the rod of the lamp stand, for which you only have to loosen a lever. Of course, you can also change the angle of the holder if you do not find your particular light to be ideal. And since the light source is slightly offset from the stand tube, you can also tilt larger light shapers further down. If you want to attach not just one, but also another lamp holder to the tripod, you can optionally buy this from us.

Through the flexibility With the holder you are able to always adapt your light to the situation that you want to photograph. And as already mentioned, you can also mount several lights on top of each other on the tripod.

Of course, you don't have to carry the tripod around your studio, you can just put it on the roll to and fro, the Stand base are appropriate. They can of course also be locked so that it cannot roll away from the scene if you don't want it to.

Technical data & scope of delivery

Tripod type Mobile stand
colour black silver
Maximum working height 220 cm
Minimal working height 115 cm
Pack size 108 cm
Center column sections 1
Center column diameter 35 mm
Stand base diameter 2 x 4 cm
Stand space 106 cm
Maximum load 15 kg
connections Spigot
roll 3x
Weight 8.12 kg
scope of delivery

1 x JB16-2003 lamp tripod
1 x bracket with spigot connector
3 x rolls

ATTENTION: Bulky goods please note our Shipping Information)

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