Our new handy permanent lights!

LX-60 & LX-100

Finally back, our popular LX lights! Our LX-60 & LX-100 are handy, continuously adjustable with a color temperature similar to daylight and equipped with the latest LED panel chip technology!!

For professional results in every scenario!

EF-150 Pro

Thanks to the quiet cooler and the considerable light output of our 160 watt permanent LED light, it offers perfect conditions for video recordings. The control via smartphone app guarantees even more flexibility in your shootings.

Everything about photography!

Jinbei photo box

Great shooting ideas, tips for breathtaking shots and lots of specialist knowledge: All this is now available every Tuesday in our Jinbei photo box! It's worth stopping by so that you never miss interesting posts on the subject of photography again!

The new 300 watt EL permanent lights!

EL-300 & EL-300Bi

The newest members of the Jinbei LED permanent light family: Our EL series! High-quality, powerful and controllable via app, the EL-300 and the EL-300Bi are perfect for filmmakers and videographers.

Jinbei PhotoBox – New every Tuesday!

Blog posts

Texturen in der Fotografie: So geht’s!

Texturen in der Fotografie: So geht’s!

Mehr Pepp und Farbe für das nächste Set-Up? Das passt perfekt, denn hier dreht sich alles um das Thema “Elemente”. Foto- oder auch Videoaufnahmen lassen sich leicht durch den Einsatz von unterschiedlichen Hilfsmitteln verändern. Egal ob farbintensive oder fantasievoll wirkende Aufnahmen, mithilfe von verschiedenen Texturen haben es die beiden Fotografen Sebastian Weingart und Tommy Halfter geschafft, unterschiedliche Effekte zu erzeugen!
Outdoor-Shootings: Porträts in der Natur aufnehmen

Outdoor Shooting:Taking portraits in nature

Outdoor shootings radiate a special aesthetic that cannot be reproduced in any studio in the world. Nature as a stage for portrait photography not only offers an infinite variety of backdrops, but also an abundance of natural light that gives the picture a special vibrancy. Anyone who knows how to use the possibilities of nature can achieve impressive results in portrait photography.
Tipps für spektakuläre Wildtierfotos!

Tips for spectacular wildlife photos!

The fascination with wilderness and the beauty of wildlife is an irresistible draw for many photographers. Capturing spectacular wildlife photos, however, takes more than just a good camera and talent. Proper preparation and knowledge of the animals and their environment are crucial. In this blog article, we provide valuable and useful tips on how you too can create unforgettable wildlife pictures.

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