Fotografie im Cyberpunk-Stil: Ein futuristisches Lichtspiel

Cyberpunk-style photography:A futuristic play of light

The world of photography offers endless possibilities and can bring creative visions to life. In this blog article, together with the photographer Sascha Perlinger, we delve into the genre of cyberpunk and sci-fi.
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In this blog post with photographer Sascha Perlinger, dive into the world of Cyberpunk and Sci Fi a. Discover how targeted lighting and color contrasts create stunning images that emphasize the cyberpunk aesthetic with mesmerizing lighting effects. Experience a photo shoot in which Light plays a crucial role and futuristic scenes be brought to life.

Shooting im Cyberpunk-Stil

The futuristic setup

For the photo shoot, a cyberpunk theme chosen, which was realized outdoors and at night. The model wore a futuristic, slightly reflective overall that perfectly captured and underlined the atmosphere of the genre. In order to create a shiny "wet look", the model climbed into a pool of water beforehand.

Shooting im Cyberpunk-Stil

The aim of this picture was more plasticity. The model Marie was subtly illuminated with a tube light in a reddish-purple tone to make details visible. The pocket LED light with bright and cool white light allowed contouring of the face as well as white, glaring light accents on the mirror foil, which should remind of light in a kind of spaceship. To give the image a cooler vibe, the white balance was lowered to 3100.

focal length  exposure cover ISO white balance
85mm 1/60 sec f/1.4 100 3100


Light in focus for a unique mood

The basis for the shoot is the Canon EOS R5 with two Sigma lenses. Once 35 mm F1.4 Art and the 85 mm F1.4 Art. Black Pro Mist filters were also used and a halo for even more creative freedom.

For the setups, the two Jinbei EFT-8C RGB tubes on tripods and aimed at the model and a flexible mirror sheet at a 45-degree angle. The tubes made one possible targeted lighting on the model as well as on the mirror plate. In addition, this became Jinbei EF-P11 RGB Pocket LED as Fill light and effect light deployed.

Shooting im Cyberpunk-Stil

In addition, Perlinger also needed assistance for some shots, which between the model and the camera was a bluish, reflective, transparent film held. The third light source Jinbei EF-P11 RGB Pocket LED, was held in the hand and aimed at the transparent film or used as a fill and effect light from the front. With the pocket LED light, the photographer chose between “cold white and warm whiteiß”.

coloring and effects

When coloring was a cinematic color contrast chosen and implemented. One of the tube lights was on Red set while the other tube light Blue/Purple glowed. The Pocket LED light was created with cold white light used to create special effects and bright light accents to put on the mirror plate. A commercial prism and halo filter were also used for even more creative effects.

Shooting im Cyberpunk-Stil

The Jinbei EF-P11 Pocket was aimed at the bluish, shimmering, transparent film. In this way, a creative light accent could be set and the pattern of the individual LEDs can be recognized. The Pocket LED light was set to warm white (4700K). As a color contrast, the bluish-purple tube light, which was directed at the model from the right.r.

focal length exposure cover ISO white balance
85mm 1/100 sec f/1.4 100 7566


Fascinating insights into the results

The resulting photos show a impressive staging in cyberpunk style. The light sources, colors and effects created a futuristic atmosphere and emphasized the details of the model Marie and the mirror sheet. From cool, menacing reds to dynamic streaks of light, the different light sources and effects a variety of visual stimuli.

Shooting im Cyberpunk-Stil

At thisin a picture was on the 3rd5-mm-objectiv changed to show more detail of the suit and background. The Red i.eit left tube-Lights puts interesting accents on the face while Marie's clothes are bathed in a deep red. Lights up from the right i.elike other tube-Light in blue/purple. At the front, the Pocket LED light serves as a fill light and as a light effect in the mirror arch.

focal length exposure cover ISO white balance
35mm 1/640 sec f/1.4 100 7400

What does the photographer say?

From Sascha Perlinger's point of view, the cyberpunk photo shoot was made possible by the use of the Jinbei RGB lights an exciting experiment. The compact and powerful lights ensure flexible and intuitive working. The tubes are for her compact size very bright, the light is beautifully diffuse and the beam angle was perfect for its purpose. Despite the compact dimensions, both the tubes as well as that Pocket LED powerful. Although during the outdoor shootings was already completely dark, could continuously with a ISO value of 100 being photographed.

One detailed post-processing According to Sascha Perlinger, however, this was important due to the variety of colors and the use of presets, so that the results would be even more impressive. Offer when implementing cyberpunk or sci-fi themes light and technology a fantastic way to create unique and captivating images. That's our opinion more than successful!

Finally, a tip from the photographer: In order to get a harmonious picture result, you should make sure when setting the light that the Edge of light in the center of the face is when you are with two complementary colors is working.

You have also planned an extraordinary shooting Then please share your results with us andd tag us Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #jinbeiphotobox. We are happy!


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