Eindrucksvolle Fotos durch Kontraste

Impressive photos through contrasts

There is no definitive list of things that guarantee a picture will turn out well. Composition, the right moment, correct exposure, context and many other considerations play an important role in creating strong and impressive images.
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There is no definitive list of things that guarantee a picture will turn out well. The composition, the right moment, the correct lighting, the context and many other considerations play an important role in creating strong and impressive images .

A creative element that photographers like to use again and again is the conscious working with contrasts . This not only means the balance between light and dark, but also size contrasts, color contrasts and a number of other contrasts, which the blog will go into more detail on below.

The brightness contrast

The contrast between bright and dark parts of the image has an amazing impact on the visual effect . This becomes particularly clear in the Black and white photography , in which the transitions between the content composition and the effect of the light are often fluid.

Contrasts are present in every picture, they provide dynamics , give the picture depth and make a statement about the claim of the picture. Photographers who want to fill a calendar with spectacular landscape photographs usually use one stronger contrast as photojournalists who want to create the impression of objectivity with rather flat contrasts and a large exposure range.

Fotos mit Kontrasten

When choosing a subject, photographers don't just have to look at the intended visual effect , but also because of exposure range of the camera pay attention to the contrast. Today's modern digital cameras often have an exposure range of ten f-stops or even more, but this is often not enough for very high-contrast scenes, which, if there is no correction, leads to the eat out bright spots or that the Deep all details lose. If this is the case, it is better to expose the heights correctly, because it is precisely in the raw data format that the digital post-processing save a lot of image information from the depths.

color contrasts

Who color contrasts If you want to use it consciously, you must first acquire knowledge of the effect of the colors. It is worth taking a look at the color wheel. Act in pictures complementary colors especially strong as these are on opposite sides of the color wheel. In addition to the complementary contrast warm colours with cold colors be combined. Equally, it makes sense to use different ones color qualities to use in an image. This means that pastel shades meet intense, muted colors.

Fotos mit kontrasten

size contrasts

size contrasts in pictures work when two or more things in relation to each other into one pictorial context be set. A lonely person in an overwhelming landscape, a lighted tent with a star-studded night sky are examples where the contrast of sizes helps the viewer to better understand what is being seen. If something that is familiar to the viewer is shown in pictures in which the size contrast is deliberately used, the viewer can size of the pictured estimate better. Of course, one can consciously play with such contrasts by allowing the viewer to see through clever placement and composition is practically duped.d.

Content contrasts

Contrasts in content have less to do with the recording technique than with the trained eye the photographer to do. This contrast relates exclusively to the statement of image content . What is ultimately used to denounce a circumstance in the world or simply to show differences is up to the image creator. There are contrasts between rich and poor, fast and slow, nature and city, old and young, good and bad and so much more. Through the conscious use of content contrasts photographers create their own visual language with recognition value.

Fotos mit Kontrasten

contrasts , or just that lack of contrasts , help tell a story with a single image. A contrast can create tension, but also contribute to more harmony.

while it's under controlled conditions , in the studio, it is relatively easy to create contrasts artificially, but outdoors, on location or in street photography, for example, you need a good eye. Photographers show with the conscious use of contrasts their own view of the world. It is therefore important in photography to consciously seek and capture the contrasts. Where are there points of friction, what doesn't fit into the picture at first glance and how do certain things relate to each other? Anyone who asks such questions when taking photographs achieves results expressive results and will become a better photographer over time.

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