Fotografieren mit Mischlicht

Mixed light photography

Photographing with flash or continuous light is a small task for most photographers at the beginning, but one that can be mastered quickly. Different rules often apply, especially with flash, which you have to get used to first. Because suddenly the exposure time is no longer so crucial, the correct exposure is controlled by the right aperture and the strength of the flash.

Taking pictures with flashing light or steady light is a small but quickly mastered task for most photographers at the beginning Flash There are often other rules that you have to get used to. Because suddenly the exposure time is no longer so important correct exposure is controlled by the right aperture and the strength of the flash.

Most photographers have at the use of artificial light get the hang of it quickly, especially in the controlled conditions found in the studio. But what happens if withflashlight,LED permanent light and Co. should no longer only be worked in the studio, but also on location or in rooms flooded with light Flash or continuous light beginners then realize that what they have learned so far is not enough to master the situation. Is the knowledge that is valid in the studio applied to mixed light , i.e. in situations where artificial light meets natural ambient light, the images are often overexposed or have an incorrect white balance. The picture appears bluish, too cold or much too warm and the skin of the person being photographed looks unnatural .

Taking pictures with mixed light may be a bit daunting at first, but the learning curve is not steep and the results that can be achieved in this photographic sub-discipline are exceptional, which is why the techniques presented below are in any case into the repertoire of good photographers belong.

Fotografieren mit Mischlicht

Why the right location is so important

So that the mixing of natural ambient and studio light works and leads to impressive images, it primarily needs the suitable place . Photographers need to find a location where it is possible to mix artificial light with the light that is already there. Most of the time that is the case when that already existing light particularly interesting , but too dark or not well directed for a portrait or when the available ambient light is rather distracting and not too intended visual effect contributes. In the first case, the existing light is skillfully complemented, while in the second case, thanks to the connection of flash technique , composition and camera , which allows unflattering natural light to be treated as secondary. In both variants, the aim is to correct balance found between the two types of light.

How to mix natural light and studio light!!

The already mentioned balance is the most important thing Mixing artificial and ambient light . The Strength both light sources, the color temperature , effects , as well as the white balance must be in harmony with each other.

To approach correct and flattering exposure, it is beneficial to consider the existing ambient light from the sun as another light from the studio. To do this, it must first be analyzed which quality of the ambient light offers. Is the available light strong enough to be considered main light to be used or is the sun already closer to the horizon due to the chosen location and the time of day, so that it makes sense to use the ambient light as effect or hair light to use?

Is the role of natural light once found, it is easy to find a single onelightning or asteady light adjust accordingly. The artificial light serves as a brightener when photographing in dark rooms or against the sunlight, or as a main light when the effects of the sunlight are to be used merely as an effect and not as a direct light source.

In order to master the white balance in mixed light, it is important to know the Color temperature of the artificial light adapt to the ambient light while taking the picture. If this does not happen, there is a lot of work waiting in the digital post-processing . It makes sense to use the possibilities of the digital camera to approximate the respective Kelvin value of ambient and artificial light so that this is as good as possible coordinated can become.

Fotografieren mit Mischlicht

Special effects when taking photos with mixed light

A strength of photography with mixed light is that artificial light is special creatively usable is. Is lit by a window, sunlight can be imitated, working with one golden reflector balances the warm light of the evening and aspot attachment with stencils creates a variety of effects that can be used to mimic the quality of natural light in different situations.

Mixed light photography may be a bit of a challenge at first, but all photographers are encouraged to master it. This results in perfect New opportunities with your own photography exciting places with beautiful light Suddenly present themselves as the ideal location and the image effects go far beyond what is feasible in a studio.

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