Fotografieren mit Farbfolien und RGB-fähigen Dauerlichtern

Photograph with color transparencies and RGB-enabled steady lights

Cold, harshness, loneliness or warmth, security and summery feelings - the color and temperature of the light alone change the context and expression of a picture with the simplest of means. If you want to add working with colorful RGB light and colored foils to your repertoire, you will find out in the following article that neither expensive technology nor a studio is required for this.
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Colors transport consciously or subconsciously emotions , so it's no wonder photographers have been conscious of color photography since the dawn of color photography colored artificial light work.

Cold, harshness, loneliness or at least warmth, security and summery feelings alone the color and temperature of the light change the context and the expression of a picture with the simplest of means. Who working with colorful RGB light and with color foils would like to add to his repertoire, he will learn in the following article that neither expensive technology nor a studio is required for this. With simple means and the necessary creativity Extraordinary effects can be achieved within minutes that are comparable to those from glossy magazines.

How do color concepts and contrasts unfold their effect?

As mentioned earlier, unfold colors have a certain effect . They do this subconsciously for the viewer, but photographers have to deal with the colors more consciously in order to use them in a targeted manner. It is therefore advisable to draw up a plan before the shoot that specifies exactly which one effect is to be achieved and what statement with the conscious coloring is hit.

Fotos mit RGB Licht

In order to make things much easier, it is advisable to deal with the historical , art historical and psychological meaning of colors . The following list is valid for the western world, if you are photographing for an audience from a different culture, you have to research the meanings of colors that are valid there in order to avoid a possible faux pas. As an example, the color white represents purity and peace in the West, but in many Asian countries it is the color of death and mourning.

The following colors show how numerous the meaning of the colors is. Consistent with the composition , to the light setup and the depicted can thus be almost infinite different statements meet:

  • Red: This color can represent power, love, passion or even anger. It is also associated with sensuality, boldness and individuality.
  • Green: Green is often associated with the environment and nature. It can also represent fertility and growth.
  • Blue: Blue can represent confidence, coolness, or sadness. It also stands for intelligence or peace.
  • White: White represents purity, innocence and peace, and in photos it often represents marriage.
  • Gray: Gray indicates neutrality or apathy.
  • Brown: Brown is often associated with the earth and nature. The color can also represent stability and endurance.
  • Black: Black can be viewed as the absence of light or, conversely, symbolize unity and serenity. Black represents evil less in photography and more in other areas of art.

The appearance and meaning of the color schemes is often attributed to cultural differences. For example, green is associated with Ireland, pink is often used in connection with Japan and the cherry blossom festival, red is a political symbol of Russia and communism, yellow is a symbol of India and gold.

Fotos mit RGB-Licht

The variety of options can be confusing at first, but quickly turns out to be a powerful tool to own visual language to realize. Especially when using complementary colors, i.e. with colors that are on the Opposite color wheel , is being worked on, a completely new world opens up from a photographic point of view.

How can color concepts be implemented photographically?

colored foils

Color foils represent thefastest ,easiest and cheapest way to get started into the photograph colored light A color film is simply clamped in front of the light source and the light is already colored. colored foils however, should never be placed directly in front of or on top of the light source to prevent fire or damage to the light source and films. That's why you should be very careful before using the color foils compatibility of the respective devices.

This is ideal for learningtried and tested method excellent, but it must be well thought out because, as just described, there is an increased risk of fire when using strong continuous lights.

RGB capable LED steady lights

The modern, flexible and safe solution to achieve the desired color effects in an image results from the use ofRGB capable steady lights. Compared to flashes, these have the great advantage that the effect is already visible before the picture is taken, the effect of the light and the colourfulness can be done with it much more precise to use.

RGB enabled lights exists nowadays in the form l powerful LEDs , as handy pockets that fit in every backpack, as cubes, stick lights or even as ring lights. On the one hand, this means that photographers can use the light setups they are used to without having to get used to a new technology, and on the other hand, it stands for maximum simple and targeted operation, since most of the modern solutions also with one app equipped are.

The benefits of usingRGB capable steady lights are therefore at hand. These are safe, versatile and make using colors in your own image easier than ever.

Fotos mit RGB-Licht

A conclusion on photography with colored light

This type of photography should be part of the repertoire of every photographer, because used correctly it is easy to create your own and unmistakable style to develop. Thanks to modern steady lights there is often no need for special equipment and shootings with first-class and creative results can now even be carried out spontaneously.

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