Spektakuläre Bilder von Wassertropfen

Spectacular images of water drops

For many photographers, photographing water drops has always represented the entry into high-speed photography, i.e. photographing with particularly short exposure times. The reason for this is that it is actually possible in your own kitchen to capture spectacular images with the simplest of means.

The photographing of Waterdrop has always been the entry point for many photographershigh-speed photography, i.e. photographing with particularly short exposure times. The reason for this is that it is actually possible in your own kitchen, spectacular images catch with the simplest means.

What tools do you need?

It is of course not possible without preparation Waterdrop to capture it photographically, but many photographers often already have the few things that are needed at home.

  • Next to the camera on a tripod will be another tripod for thelightning needed.
  • To the falling Waterdrop to photograph, a bowl or, if available, an aquarium is used.
  • An infusion set is perfect for generating constant drops, if you don't have one, the whole thing works with one too freeze bag .
  • A boom stand best for holding the bag or IV set.
  • backgrounds can be both neutral and colored.
  • Optionally can colored foils used for the flash.
  • For results that are as reproducible as possible, some photographers use a programmable one magnetic valve for precise control of the falling drop.


The right camera settings

The appropriate settings on the camera always depend on the Construction and the type of images to be created during the shoot. In order to be able to act as precisely as possible, the camera should be in the manual mode located, also should ISO value the camera should be kept as low as possible to prevent image and color noise in the recordings.
The autofocus the camera is turned off and the lens is focused on the point on the water surface where the drops will later hit. In order to achieve the necessary depth of field, a medium aperture value of 5.6 or 8.0 can be selected.

Depending on the type of camera, this allows different fast sync times with thelightning. The aim here is to find the fastest possible combination. Like the camera, the flash should also be in the manual mode condition. To get the correct exposure to get closer, it is advisable to start with a low flash output, i.e. with 1/32 or 1/16.

Creative ideas for impressive shots

It takes time to capture the drop perfectly after it hits the water surface, but the first pictures are usually "in the can" after just a few minutes. As soon as the matching camera settings are found, it makes sense, of course, with creative effects to experiment.


food coloring in the water

To make the end result even more spectacular, it is a good idea to wash the water with a little food coloring to color. This is how the color of the drop stands out from the background. Also, it is so possible with strong color contrasts or with complementary colors to experiment. The combination of colored water, a colorful background and colored foils for the flash allows almost unlimited creative possibilities.

Even more spectacular shots with the right equipment

The point in time when the drop falls, how much water it contains or how long it falls all have a clear effect on the image. While it's just beginning when first using the high-speed photography is experimented with, no special equipment is needed, it can't hurt for further experiments or if you have taken a particular liking to water drop photography, your own equipment to improve. Special tools make it possible to control the drop perfectly, and on top of that they make it possible, for example, to release two drops in quick succession. That makes it easy, special artistic drop-on-drop shots to create. But at the beginning, great and creative photos achieve.


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