Tipps für das Fotografieren einer Hochzeit

Tips for photographing a wedding

The first wedding that is to be accompanied professionally as a photographer is coming up. Understandably, there is some nervousness in such a situation, after all there is a lack of experience and perhaps the most important moments in the lives of two people cannot be repeated. Everything is far less bad if the newcomer to wedding photography sticks to a few important tips and tricks.

The first wedding that is to be accompanied professionally as a photographer is coming up. Understandably, a bit of nervousness spreads in such a situation, after all there is a lack of experience and perhaps that most important moments in the life of two people can not be repeated. Everything is far less bad if the newcomer is at the wedding photography stick to a few important tips and tricks. With these, it quickly turns out that a large part of the work takes place outside of the actual wedding. Good preparation , one detailed planning and a close cooperation with the bridal couple are often worth more than the use of the latest technology.

Hochzeitsfotografie mit Jinbei

Proper preparation is half the battle!

The Preparation before a wedding is the most important part for photographers. Once the wedding ceremony is underway, there are only a few options for changing the camera, the lens, the memory card, the battery or even the location. Everything has to come at the right moment be operational . This not only applies to the technology, but also to yourself. The preparation includes familiarizing yourself with the procedures of the ceremony and the locations. Although this can always lead to minor surprises, larger problems should be avoided in this way.

Another important element to prepare for is technique. Photographers must have cameras, ideally two with them different focal lengths , bring to the operation that best suit the location of the event. In addition, you should definitely RAW format be photographed, because the raw data allow at the later post-processing far greater scope.

Again with the combination of camera and lenses brought along, on the one hand on the cover of all required focal lengths and on the other hand on the capabilities of the camera for photographing little light be respected. Another factor that should be given attention is the Camera burst speed . Although the wedding cannot be compared to a sporting event, continuous shooting is ideal if, for example, the throwing of the bridal bouquet is to be captured in razor-sharp images.

Hochzeitsfotografie mit Jinbei

Working creatively in a small space

The photographers already know the process and the locations before the big day. During scouting, which should definitely be part of the preparation, prospective professional wedding photographers already asking what alternatives there are if, for example, the weather doesn't cooperate. Possible photo locations and their alternatives may also be noted.

Due to the rooms and their size, it is a good idea to find out when scouting whether you are going with a lightning , one reflector or both are to be worked on. On a sunny day, it is sometimes sufficient to illuminate individuals or small groups with a reflector, which is best looked after by an assistant. In any case, lightning should be used in the evening, at best forunleashed lightning, with the appropriate light shapers be brought.

The close cooperation with the wedding couple

The couple chooses a photographer that is not only within their budget, but also within his imagery meets with approval. When it comes to the imagery, the expression of the images and the ideas of the couple, the service provider and the client should definitely get into a conversation again. The photographer brings it best some sample images with, so that the bridal couple gets a first impression. In this way, the style can be worked on together, but also a list of possible pictures, group shots and the like can be fine-tuned.

When talking to the future couple, the opportunity should also be seized regulations during the marriage to clarify. Sometimes registrars or priests are not particularly fond of photographers and filmmakers. In such a case, it is best to clarify this fact in advance. For example, flashing lights are not allowed in many churches.

The correct appearance of the photographers

wedding photographers take on a hybrid role during the event. On the one hand, they should part of the wedding party merge with it and not push themselves too much into the foreground and on the other hand they have to find the necessary space with courage in some situations to capture the scene correctly .

So photographers need the right feeling for the moment, but even if there is still a little snag at the beginning, it is important that the pictures are good and the wedding couple as forever nice memory serve.

Hochzeitsfotografie mit Jinbei

Be spontaneous, creative and funny and why a trump card never hurts

The work of one wedding photographers is anything but easy and yet good pictures are only created if you don't show the effort. During the many hours on the job, people should be approached with a smile. You also need positive thoughts and spontaneous, good ideas . It can also be a real trump card if a second photographer is brought on board.

The technical and stylistic preparations are a must that every photographer, no matter how long in the business, has to do. Continued success comes with other things like fresh ideas, demeanor and of course the images that succeed uniqueness of a wedding memorable to capture.

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