Kreative Shootings mit der EFT-360 Stableuchte

Creative shootings with the EFT-360 flashlight

With mobile handling and a variety of lighting effects, the photographer Frank Jurisch has succeeded in creating high-quality beauty portraits with our EFT-360 flashlight ! Jurisch describes how he went about his work using four creative shooting setups!
The photographer Frank Jurisch was that EFT-360 Lightstick initially skeptical about whether the Lightstick can keep up with its larger lights with up to 200 watts of power. through the mobile handling The creative lighting allows for a variety of lighting effects, which Jurisch used on a shoot. The result is high quality beauty portraits , which can be seen! Jurisch describes how he proceeded with his work using various setups in which the photographer used the flashlight.

The set construction and the equipment

All setups were made with the Sony Alpha a6400 photographed. Jurisch generated the effects with different lenses (SIGMA 30mm 1.4, 35mm 1.2 and 1.4, 50mm 1.4), with different aperture sizes (F/1.2 F/2.8), with exposure times and ISO values. The creative shooting ideas were developed by playing with the RGB bar light and the multitude of light effects ideally complemented.

setup 1

The photographer prefers to use this setup in his work. A softbox generated behind the photographer reflections in the eyes of the model, making it more aesthetic for the viewer. For the right contour, Jurisch placed the light stick on the side behind the model and with a saturation of 50 percent a pink hue chosen. With this hue, he picked up the tone from the studio background to create a sense of togetherness. He worked with a very short exposure time of only 1/1600 second accompanied by an ISO value of 100.

Shooting EFT-360 Setup-1

setup 2

With this setup, the photographer wanted to capture the model couple in an unusual scene. His goal was to create space for interpretation through the different stylistic points in the picture. The model was shot from above usingsoft box and a Jinbei EF-200 Standard reflector illuminated with red foil. TheLED light stick serves as a special effect and creates light reflections in the eyes. By theflexible and compact design the bar lamp offers more creative possibilities than an additional reflector.

A 60 watt and a 200 watt lamp also provided a diffuse background lightLED permanent light. It was photographed with ISO-400 and an exposure time of 1/250 seconds.

EFT-360 Shooting Setup 2

setup 3

For the third setup, the photographer worked with a yellow and turquoise color scheme. He worked in bothStudio as well as outdoors. Here Jurisch sattwo LED sticks because they harmonize well with the available ambient light. Thanks tointegrated battery the bar lights can also be easily used outdoors and do not have to be operated via a mains cable. The photographer achieved the different effects of the photos by using different ISO values of 2500, 1600 and 100.About it In addition, an exposure time of 1/125 seconds and an aperture of F/1.4 with a focal length of 50 millimeters made this result possible.

EFT-360 Shooting Setup 3

To create this mysticism in the studio, he used next to ayellow studio background an EFT-360 Lightstick in one turquoise hue as the main light source and anotherLightstick as side light. This was set in a red-orange hue with a brightness of 100%. With a focal length of 35 millimeters, an aperture of F/1.4 and an exposure time of 1/125 seconds, he succeeded in getting the outdoor result.

EFT-360 Shooting Setup 3

setup 4

Full color power! In this setup were two soft boxes placed frontally in front of the model with magenta color filter foils. In addition, opposing lights were placed behind the model. This lighting was the Body of light and shadow games perfectly wrapped. The RGB bar light acted as front light source with a blue color filter to specifically illuminate the face and let the make-up shine. An ISO-250 ensures low light sensitivity, which is why an exposure time of 1/125 seconds was chosen.

EFT-360 Shooting Setup 4

Also interested in creative lighting?

The Jinbei RGB bar light offers photographers a lot freedom of design their setup. The mobility of the Lightstick and the setting options allow creative approaches when using Light as a special effect . The light stick can be held in the hand and varied quickly, which means that the equipment required for conventional light sources and additional reflectors can be avoided. Certain light settings can be made visible in the camera's viewfinder and directly promote the learning curve, explains Jurisch.h.

You too have implemented great picture ideas with the Lightstick. We look forward to your results! Feel free to tag us Facebook andInstagram!


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