Der EFT-360 Lightstick von Jinbei im Test!

The EFT-360 Lightstick from Jinbei in the test!

Malte Schumacher tested the Jinbei rod lamp and clearly explained in the video which creative lighting is possible with the EFT-360 and how he prefers to use the light stick.

Malte Schumacher has it Jinbei rod lamp tested and clearly explained in the video which creative lighting with theEFT-360 is possible and how he prefers to use the lightstick.

Let's start with the technical details of the EFT-360 Lightstick

Schumacher explains: The light stick contains 216 LEDs that provide warm or cold light and 102 RGB LEDs , the the stepless adjustment enable all colors. in the RGB mode the colors can also be set from 0-360 degrees, with their Intensity as well as saturation , can also be between 0-100%. The LEDs can be turned up from 0-100% and thus cover the entire color range. the Color temperature the Jinbei rod light can be between 2,000 and 10,000 Kelvin can be set.

What setting options does the EFT-360 Lightstick offer?

The lightstick also offers the user 20 effects such as thunderstorms, police or SOS. An FX button makes setting these light effects particularly user-friendly. Of the Color rendering index lies by 97 TLCI . Another cool feature is that Display on the back and the Adjustment buttons of the functions directly on the light itself. There is a white balance button and a button for setting the colors. It is even easier to operate the luminaire using the associated one App which one Control of all functions and the lights at the touch of a finger. Schumacher emphasizes that the EFT-360 works in both the Photography as well as videography can be used. According to Schumacher, the area of application is not limited to one field, rather the EFT-360 invites both photographers and videographers to do so creative light accents to put.

Ergebnis des EFT-360

For him offer themselves numerous uses such as music videos, beauty shoots and much more. the removable swing gates , as well as the Magnets installed on the back offer many possibilities for creative applications. The lightstick has a on the bottom 1/4 inch screw thread , which enables a tripod to be attached. Due to the small size Measuring just 56.3 cm in length, 7.5 cm in width and 3.5 cm in height, the Lightstick can always be taken with you and at 740 grams it hardly adds any extra weight.

Conclusion from Malte Schumacher!

The stick lamp is particularly convincing when it comes to things Price-performance . With a price of 150 (RRP) that offers EFT-360 everything that makes a photo and videographer's heart beat faster. The creative one Lighting is flexible and versatile and offers some cool features .

Shooting Ergebnisse mit dem EFT-360 Stablicht

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The only penalty for Schumacher was that Housing made of plastic which, in his opinion, is less suitable for dampening shocks. On the other hand, it owes itEFT-360 wand light this plastic case its lightweight and is therefore ideal to use as Travel light to be there anytime, anywhere. That Multifunctional light is ideal for creating photos or product videos. the Swing gates create great effects to play with the lights in videos.


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